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January 22, 2019, 05:29:55 am

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1 MasterOfHope
Jan 22 08:23am

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1035)

"nothing noteworthy happens in 2019"
Episode 199: Episode #799

3 Lemon
Jan 21 10:34pm

ballp.it Changelog (post #128)

Just redid the quote syntax.

Edit: forgot to test that on the phone, will fix

4 Vinny Possum
Jan 21 10:18pm
Potential episode title for a human pet episode: Owning People Who Own People
Wrought, Yesterday at 10:29:13 am

Either that or a civil war documentary.

[Marching to Sea intensifies]

5 Ambious
Jan 21 09:56pm

ballp.it Changelog (post #128)

K, how's that?
Lemon, Yesterday at 03:03:06 pm

Much better.
I'd make the post number smaller and uncolored though, like a subtitle.

6 boooo566
Jan 21 09:35pm
I've got a question. It's gonna sound pretty complainy but I don't really mean it like that, I'm genuinely curious as to the situation of those elsewhere in the world.

The fairly standard living situation for young people here, at least in towns and cities, is to share a many bedroomed flat/house with shared common facilities. I, for example, live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 kitchen, no living room flat with 3 other people, all renting our bedrooms individually. I give it about 50/50 on whether I'm still living in a similar situation when I'm 30, and would expect the same of most people my age (although a lot of them will be living with friends because they're not like me). The only people I know my age who aren't in flat/houseshares are people in relationships who can DINK it up, people who did really well for themselves, or people who live in the back end of nowhere.

Is that the young people housing situation everywhere? I feel like when I see people on the internet (so mostly americans) talk about moving out, they seem to be getting their own place or lodging in the spare room of an actual household rather than being in an ever rotating collection of strangers you share a corridor with.

7 Lemon
Jan 21 09:03pm

ballp.it Changelog (post #128)

K, how's that?

8 chai tea latte
Jan 21 08:56pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #855)

Like, some people? Use suicide by cop? To cope????

10 Sham bam bamina!
Jan 21 07:41pm
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