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June 20, 2018, 05:32:28 pm

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1 chai tea latte
Jun 20 09:45pm
Audio transcription - video subtitles, described audio, timestamped YouTube captions, accessibility work for meetings etc. competitive rates for fans of the f+. Pm for a quote. TY.

2 Wrought
Jun 20 07:35pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #939)

Jack Chick: I shot my flower gun at the wiggly-boy!

3 Runic
Jun 20 07:21pm
So in the course of researching machine learning, I have learned about the strange afterlife of Enron. Yes, that Enron. When the company got hit by the big fraud case, the government released 1.6 million emails relevant to the case. It turns out that that giant chunk of emails is actually really useful for machine learning research and even today I've found datasets based on it that are useful for my own projects.

What a world, eh?

4 eldritchhat
Jun 20 05:25pm
Hey, just found this thread, I'm also doing some commissions right now

The specifics can be found on my blog here: https://eldritchhat.tumblr.com/post/174944212238/commissions-are-a-go

Here are the reference pieces:

Quick Sketch - $15

Full-Body Illustration - $20

Full-Page Illustration - $30

Full-Color Illustration - $45

you can message me here if you want anything, or you can give me some tips/criticism in this thread, since this is my first time ever doing something like this.

5 Sham bam bamina!
Jun 20 05:17pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #939)



6 JamEngulfer
Jun 20 04:25pm

Cloisonné Pins (post #9)

I'm super happy with mine. I'm almost too scared to put it on anything in case I lose it

7 Lemon
Jun 20 04:05pm
The domain badaccent.club is up for renewal next month.

Looking at the data of the site, I can see it's getting played, but still kind of an edge case as far as "is this worth paying for", so here's my idea...

BadAccentClub is a public repo which has been worked on by me and me alone. Some folks have said that the site could use more content, and I agree.

I will renew the domain if I get a pull request with changes. Never done a PR before? This could be your first.

Here's the Repo: https://github.com/AhoyLemon/badaccent.club

Wanna add to the list of available quotes/accents? Go right ahead.

Here's the list of accents: https://github.com/AhoyLemon/badaccent.club/blob/master/js/partials/_accents.js
Here's the list of quotes: https://github.com/AhoyLemon/badaccent.club/blob/master/js/partials/_quotes.js

Wanna play with the logic of the game? That's all in the _vue.js file. Wanna play with the look of the game? I'm amenable to that. Look in /pug for the HTML and /scss for the css. If you get into that you'll probably want Prepros.

Point is: Fork my repo and make some changes, we'll keep this site going for another year. If nobody does, that's fine too. It'll still be available as an Android app.

8 Shell Game
Jun 20 03:20pm
Wilford, indigo because I didn't want to be the 5th person to say purple.
and because you were born with a special, magickal intuition

9 Turbo Sexaphonic Delight
Jun 20 03:07pm
Wilford, indigo because I didn't want to be the 5th person to say purple.

10 Shell Game
Jun 20 02:38pm
theres drama happening in the furry community that i kinda wanna know about but im too afraid to ask
this is for random thoughts not TEASING!!!
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