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June 13, 2024, 02:15:07 am

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Topic: So, Ballpit, what did we learn today?  (Read 74007 times)


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So, Ballpit, what did we learn today? #210
One of the foremost shapers of rabbinic Judaism in the third century CE was so beautiful that he sat in front of the ritual bathhouse so when women walked by they would see him and when they went home to their husbands, they would think about him, and then their kids would be hot. Also he had a Situationship with a former-gladiator turned-bandit that he encountered while naked in the Jordan, and subsequently married off to his sister.
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So, Ballpit, what did we learn today? #211
There's a certification process for USB cables just for Android Auto.
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So, Ballpit, what did we learn today? #212
The original theme for Iron Chef is an orchestral piece from the Backdraft soundtrack called Show Me Your Fire Truck
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So, Ballpit, what did we learn today? #213
Theodoric and Theodore are unrelated names with different origins and histories, Theodoric being Germanic theudo (people) combined with riks (meaning ruler/king, from the same proto-indo-european root as latin 'rex' or Hindi 'raja') while Theodore is Greek and comes from theos (god) and doron (gift)
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