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February 17, 2019, 01:03:26 pm

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1 GirlKisser420
Feb 17 06:49pm
To narrow it down, there hasnít been an episode on catheters, lesbians or paralysis, so itís probably in a more general episode.

It might be the holding in piss one, if it isnít, but I donít think it is

2 Ambious
Feb 17 06:01pm
Guest will be a guest ridiculist.

3 ClaraTinSoldier
Feb 17 05:56pm
I actually donít remember this either but either way I am burning up to know why you need this episode
beelzeboob, February 14, 2019, 08:24:07 am
Well, need is your words not mine, lol.

The long and short of it is, I remember it in at least this much detail. Shocking though it may seem, I don't habitually consume pornography featuring intentional spinal cord injuries. I can't think of anywhere aside from the fplus that I would've encountered content like this, and I remember Lemon making a comment about literotica in the midst of this. I wanted to find it so I could listen to it again and to just satisfy myself that it exists.

I remember it but I don't remember where it was from, and I second the notion of burning up to know why you need this episode. :B

Maybe it was in a 24 Terrible Hours hour?
Liatai, February 14, 2019, 02:19:51 pm
It wasn't, unfortunately.

4 Turbo Sexaphonic Delight
Feb 17 05:20pm
Dozerfleet part III

5 Shell Game
Feb 17 05:13pm
Gonna be September, in Portland.
jack chick, Today at 10:50:04 am

Make this the truth Jack Chick. Imagine... Just. Rollin' out of bed and being like "Damn. So stoked. Ready for this!" Ignore those detractors crying "not another west coast show!" They just don't want you to live your best life...

6 Turtle
Feb 17 05:05pm
V Has Cum, Too

7 jack chick
Feb 17 04:50pm
Gonna be September in Haifa, Israel.

(i don't know anything)

8 Ambious
Feb 17 04:16pm
My gf wants us to fly to Minnesota sometime during or at the end of the summer and I figured if we're gonna plan for that I can't not try to make it to F Plus Live.
Is it too soon to estimate when and where it'll take place?

Please say September in Minnesota!

9 Spenny
Feb 17 08:38am
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part is great. Take my opinion with a grain of salt given that I'm a lifelong LEGO fan, but holy crap this movie was so much fun. I'm sad it kind of crashed financially, but I can kind of see why. The Lego Movie 1 was this kind of out of nowhere phenomenon that just struck all kinds of joy that I didn't know I could experience, and the two spinoffs were very fun little side stories, but any direct sequel would naturally require so much focus on plot instead of spectacle that it only makes sense that the magic would wear off. You know the LEGO Movie Universe's business, you know the main characters, so instead of having the inherent bonus of being this beautifully built surprise spectacle, this one is mostly just about what these characters get into this time.

Not to say it isn't positively amazingly beautiful, I love seeing this fully LEGO built world once again (though I'm still not 100% clear on the water in the Queen's intro song. Is it brick built? I couldn't quite tell.*) This really relieved me after watching the LEGO Ninjago Movie which unfortunately featured some real world sand, grass, water, etc. Although, in hindsight, (I'm going off the rails) those might make sense given the timeline established in this movie. But that is a bit much. My other (minor) complaints were the absence and semi-absence of 2 characters from the first one, the semi absence being more excusable thanks to a joke in the credits. The other one, though, really felt a bit lost. I've been googling it, and I can't find any reason that these two wouldn't return to their significant roles. Come on, Morgan Freeman. What are you even up to these days?

Overall, it's still the second best movie in the LEGO-verse. The ranking being LM1, LM2, Ninjago (a series I don't even like), Batman (a series I adore). My DMs are open. Justin Theroux HEAVILY carried the LEGO Ninjago movie.

10 A Meat
Feb 17 06:15am
Thomas the tankie engine
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