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November 14, 2018, 04:29:08 pm

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1 H.P. Corn Syrup
Nov 14 05:42pm
Did I mention that the aglets on these things are made of metal?

I've never even seen that before.

I've never known there was a word for those things. These hoodies have taught me something.

Well, you can call them "thingies" if you really want to.

2 A Meat
Nov 14 07:02am
Does time traveling count as traveling in basketball?

3 Abby Normal
Nov 13 08:20pm
Thank God V8 isn't carbonated

But after you drink it, couldn't you say it was Carbon-ated?

4 Carbon
Nov 13 08:13pm
Thank God V8 isn't carbonated

6 Abby Normal
Nov 13 12:35am
Started making liqueurs for funsies and just realised I can make all of my dreams come true by making starfruit liqueur. Refreshing AND delicious!

7 KingKalamari
Nov 12 11:32pm
I'm curious how closely it follows the manga...

8 NutshellGulag
Nov 12 10:02pm

9 boooo566
Nov 12 09:40pm
catching up on this series of doctor who, i've just run into the mpreg episode and i bet i'd enjoy this more if i didn't spend so much time on the internet

10 Abby Normal
Nov 12 08:46pm
Work gives you a laptop with account restrictions tight enough that you need the IT person to enter an admin password every time you install a font.

Power Move: Create a temporary admin account in BIOS, give your work account administrator privileges. Install Steam.
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