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July 16, 2024, 03:19:48 pm

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Topic: Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!]  (Read 15268 times)


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!]
To be clear, this is Acier's jam, so he knows a lot more about what's gonna be happening than I do, but I'm just here to say...

Click here.

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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #1
Is the participant roster full/permanent or will there be any sort of opportunity to volunteer to decipher silly shit?

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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #2
Are these recorded somewhere?


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #3
Episode 1--a rather rough trial of sorts--was recorded and what's more, the link to it was even posted in these forums!  As an exercise to the diligent reader, I'll leave it to you to find it.  A hint: it was probably within my last ten posts.

Current and future episodes will get saved in the F+ Youtube channel, so they'll be easier to find.  Hooray!  What's more, Lemon's use of google+ will mean you can watch the episodes live, as they happen.  So this episode coming up is live as fuck, boyee (or girrul or cis/para-het/homo-genderquizzicalace as appropriate)

With regards to the participant roster, right now it's just some of the Ridiculists.  We've been doing this for some years and have known each other for longer, and I trust these folk could turn turnip farming into something hilarious.

As for future episodes, I won't say there won't be room for new "volunteers", because maybe there will!  I'm going to be honest, though:  I'm testing a lot of new stuff for this show and I want to be sure it works before throwing in new variables.  But rest assured, right now that card is not off the table.  HOWEVER, if you sign up to watch the show, you'll be getting the questions live and in real time, just as the ridicu-contestants are, so you can have a play-at-home version, so that's not too bad for now, is it?


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #4
Awesome! You've combined two of my favorite time-wasters in one---Internet snark and trivia. If you could send weed over IP with this, my life as a productive member of society might be over entirely.


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #5

What an amazing Twitter that you grabbed from for one of the questions.
Also, Yay, Victor!


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #6
Fun game! We were posting on the Google+ event page, but doesn't YouTube have a live chat room function or something?

Also, I see that hilarious typos have been made into snarky hashtags, as documented here:

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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #7
Pretty goddamn funny, I got to say.

I've missed these last two games but I swear to god next time I'll be there. PORTAXX SHALL DOMINATE AND ALL WILL PERISH (YAY!)


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #8
Was really hoping to watch this live but ended up pouring concrete in the basement. What is the world coming to when I have to prioritize house renovations over making fun of people on the internet? STILL it was a good time, glad Montrith could join again as the most ruthless and awesome of judges, and I have no problem with your font choice, Acier.



  • Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?
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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #9
I don't know if this happened to anybody else, but Google decided that it was a really good idea to email me every time somebody left a comment on the Google+ page. When the recording was over, my phone popped up a notification to tell me that I have 484 new emails.


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Quite Exasperating, Episode 2 [LIVE!] #10
Lemon. You need to have that soundboard for every F+ episode from now on.