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November 30, 2023, 08:09:33 am

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Topic: Troper (an Android TVTropes browser)  (Read 2141 times)


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Troper (an Android TVTropes browser)
So yeah, I know the F-Plus has a less than positive opinion on TV Tropes, but I'll admit to occasionally browsing it (it no longer has a "This Troper" section as was featured in that episode, and the term is seriously frowned upon there I understand).
I also don't really go into the communities and talk pages and all that, I just get the main trope pages.

Anyway, enough apologizing. For that reason and because back in the day the mobile TV Tropes site was TERRIBLE, I created an Android app for TV Tropes with all the important features (spoiler hiding, night mode, favorites, etc.) a long time ago, and to my surprise (since I'm really an amateur developer and made it for myself mostly) it gained a lot of popularity and currently has about 25,000 active users,

It's called Troper (link here).
I originally called it "Android Troper" but Google no longer allows for the word "Android" to appear in the title, so I had to rebrand.

So recently, because I love programming and hate my own life, I started updating the app and refreshing some old and clunky features.
Problem is, I have 25,000 users and 1 beta tester (me) so I miss a lot of stuff and more often than not my updates break stuff for people which I then have to scramble to fix.
I started a beta program but I'm finding it difficult to convince people to join it.
I would appreciate it if any of you who browse TV Tropes (you don't have to say who you are) would sign up for the beta here.
I promise I can't see who the users are, and in case you don't trust me you can take a peak at the source code on GitHub here.