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November 30, 2023, 09:13:46 am

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Topic: The Grimm Life: A new show from Howl and LHR product  (Read 1888 times)

Adam Bozarth

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Podcast people!

Please check out one of LHR's latest productions, The Grimm Life. It's fairytale stories meets "This American Life" and its got a lot of funny people involved. It was created by Anna Rubanova of LHR and Siobhan Thompson from CollegeHumor, and I helped produce it.

Here's an animated promo video we released starring Jon Daly as Rumplestiltskin:

The Grimm Life is a Howl Premium show, which means you need a subscription to Howl.fm to listen. But you can use the promo code GRIMM to get a month free and check out not only our show, but the entire Earwolf back catalog (including the Earwolf Challenge for you sadists out there), and lots of comedy albums you can listen to on demand. Get in there and listen to as much as you want! But listen to The Grimm Life a bunch and inflate our numbers!
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