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October 04, 2023, 07:55:47 am

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Topic: Episode 181 - Now if your horny girl like me contuie reading  (Read 160 times)

Shell Game

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Positronic Salubrious Rex


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This was a fun one. I wasn’t expecting the gay conversion. There’s a hair on my keyboard.


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2008! 2008!

Thanks for indulging my high school taste in j-rock.
Salubrious Rex


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I know a single thing about deidara, which is that he has mouths on his palms, and that somehow never came up?


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heads up, shell, the RSS feed version of the ep is only 2 minutes long, full one's on the site though.

Salubrious Rex

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Oh, the character's name was *Mello*. I had a very different mentle image going on...