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July 16, 2024, 02:43:49 pm

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Topic: Imari, greatest man  (Read 29431 times)

Zsa Zsa

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Imari, greatest man
A little soundbite I recorded. <- now with working link!

Imari is a bit of classic internet and has been referenced on the podcast before, and a while back I remembered that in a dusty old folder on an old hard drive I had a few bits of his writings which might be good for a chuckle. You can read the document I was putting together here. The funniest part is his game design doc, which is both insane and utterly charming. The apocalypse story has a great ending, too.

The man himself is a freelance game designer, author and filmmaker. He also has a few pathways in his brain a bit tangled up, which combined with his ferocious energy (and a budget provided by rich parents) produce some wonderful works of outsider culture. Like this film, Freedom Man 2026 (or is it 7? Or 8?)

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gee golly gosh

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Imari, greatest man #1
I like Imari's definition of realism as applied to video games.

Also to make it even more realistic the female's breasts should bounce up and down in a realist movement every time they move. Sort of like Dead or Alive series. Also in windy spots the character's hair should blow as well.


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Imari, greatest man #2
Apparently the reason people don't put everything possible in a game is because it just didn't occur to them to do so.


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Imari, greatest man #3
Mocking the great Imari "Imarea Awesome" Stevenson? For shame.

Are you all nothing more than a group of loser.coms?


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Imari, greatest man #4
Greatest line-reading of all time, at 2:27: "What in the world. Miss Jato(?) [unintelligible] is operating on it's own, how is it possibly doing that." "And more importantly, where it's going."

Sherman Tank

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Imari, greatest man #5
Whatever happened to this dude?


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Imari, greatest man #6
I feel like this one line sums up everything you need to know about Imari:

Imari's not like typical young boys. Imari is far different than any other boys.

Corn Syrup

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Imari, greatest man #7
We can't forget the magic of the novel he released with its own soundtrack.


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Imari, greatest man #8
I went through hell and high water with some of the worst sellers I've ever had to deal with on Amazon for a complete copy of that thing and ended up having to settle for just the book.  If anyone here has the CD, I will pay through the goddamn nose for it.  I will blow John Toast for that thing if I have to.


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Imari, greatest man #9
Corn Syrup Sherman Tank SHAMBA~1.SBB


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Imari, greatest man #10
SHAMBA~1.SBB Frank West KingKalamari Sherman Tank Wrought chai tea latte

Tipsy Almond

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Imari, greatest man #11
That novel is really, REALLY shitty. I read the first page and skimmed the next 20. No proofreading, main character is an LA detective still addicted to poop and fart jokes, the personalities are cardboard dudebro cutouts, and the interactions are implausible at best and moderately racist at worst.

What the actual fuck.