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September 17, 2021, 08:00:54 pm

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Topic: Christmas season!  (Read 10623 times)


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Christmas season! #15
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Christmas season! #16
MERRY CHRISTMAS you beautiful assholes
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Christmas season! #17
I celebrate my birthday today!
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Christmas season! #18
I celebrate my birthday today!
SirSlarty, December 25, 2017, 11:29:10 am
Blessed be thy name
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Christmas season! #19
You get a bulb!
And you get a bulb!
Everyone gets a bulb!

It's all so insightful!
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Christmas season! #20
Hey so my boyfriend got me a Nintendo Switch and I totally got outshined but I'm so delighted and full of love for my whole family and all my loved ones. We are about to eat turkey and my grandma is here from across the country. I hope you guys have had as good a day as I have.
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Christmas season! #21
For years, my brother has been lording the fact that he makes more money than I do over me and constantly says, even in front of my art-school graduate father, how worthless my degree will be. It’s as if the concept of me not caring how much money I make so long as I’m doing what I love is completely alien to him.

I’ve been really trying to mend bridges with him for the past year and I decided I would go out and splurge a little bit on the christmas presents. I’ve never had much money so I made my family artwork this christmas, but in addition to that, I got my brother a nice and warm $80 jacket that he needed as well as the swiss army knife that he’s been dropping hints at for months. He gave me a stained fleece that he wrote “fag” in bleach on and a key chain that he got free from work.

After the present opening, his girlfriend comes up to me and says that I shouldn’t use the key chain as a key chain. Apparently the one he gave her months before shattered after she tried to put some keys on it and cut her hand.
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Christmas season! #22
Goddamn it next year I'm gonna dress up as Santa and go all punch town on half of ballp.it's families fucking damn. Like I'm sure I can't take anyone, but at least I can make it as awful as possible for them.

Douchebags, douchebags EVERYWHERE
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Christmas season! #23
Merry Christmas, everyone!

I made this video Christmas Card this year and sent it to friends yesterday, but I want to share it with the snakes in the ballpit, too!

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Christmas season! #24
Over Christmas, we played Jackbox at my parents' house.

For the record, Jim is my dad and Sue is my mom.

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Christmas season! #25
Hey what's up y'all! I know it's not Halloween yet but that means it's TIME TO START SHOPPING!!! I'm very excited about finding things for my family and my big ol' nerd of a boyfriend this year. :D

Here's my brainstorm ideas thus far -- Please do not steal them from me until I purchase them for myself :P

For my dad!

After Dark flying toasters shirt! After Dark screen savers came out the same year I was born, and I remember watching them with him all the way through elementary school. We STILL make references to them to this day, so this was a really exciting find.

Floppy disk notebook, for any notetaking he does or journaling he'd like to do. I think he'd appreciate "logging off" for a bit and doing something tangible rather than digital, so a notebook could work out well as a stocking stuffer.

Chocolate mouse, WHAT. I love this thing and it's mega cheap considering its unique nature. Another great stocking stuffer.

For my mom!

Mushroom keychain for the weird nature nerd in your life. She hasn't really had a good keychain since the one that was just a human spine, so this seems like a neat option for a stocking stuffer.

Felt caterpillar -- a weird gift? Maybe. A fun one that she can put in the kitchen windowsill next to our plants? Absolutely.

Mantis mug, also for the weird nerd in your life. Mom loves bugs and cool plants and hiking and generally just being a nature geek.

For my boyfriend the Royfriend!

"Now Boob," you might say if you've looked this far. "What the hell is that?" The answer is that it's a customized letter of knighthood from King Baldwin IV, the leper king of Jerusalem. He's a nerd I dunno what else to justify this with. Gotta love that guy tho. Other associated items are various books on medieval culture. You get the gist here.

ANYWAY that's pretty much what I've found so far. Thanks for coming to my excited planning session. Tune in next time for decorations, wrapping, and more appropriately timed posts that don't come before Halloween. Merry Early Christmas everybody!


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Christmas season! #26
So is there anything left over at the Think Geek warehouse, now?

EDIT: I'm sorry, Ms. Boob.  I'm just bitter that the only thing I ever get for Christmas are alimony summonses.
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Christmas season! #27
Bunnybread please don't bully me, my weak nerd body is trembling with embarrassment. My whole genetic line is nerdy I don't know what to tell you, my brother absorbed all the coolness and fashion sense in my family. It's why he's not on this list and impossible to shop for.

ETA: I've done some brief window shopping for you, here's my finds.

Vintage 1957 copy of Playboy m agazine, ft. Bunnybread.

Instructional signage for any visiting lady-friends.

Plush portrait of the recipient.

Hope this helps you get inspired in writing your Christmas list. Wishing you luck on receiving better presents in the future!
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Christmas season! #28
If there are any other weirdos organised folks doing their Christmas shopping already, may I briefly toot my own horn and suggest the fine range of custom jewellery at www.dunnjewellery.com?

I do free design consultations, so if you want a custom piece you get to see the final design and decide on it before you pay a cent.

Also if you want 30% off you can use the coupon code WHEREHARDONSCOLLIDE
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Christmas season! #29

House is coming along great! Will post more updates as the other four trees are decorated :)
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