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I'm reimplementing dark mode (controlled by your system settings)

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Okay, so brief overview.

* Starting from a a request from Ambious, I built a dark mode for ballpit. The stylesheet worked out fine, and this allowed me to call it feature complete and make it a feature of ballpit
* However, while the front-end code involved in that was fine, the backend code wasn't. I was accidentally creating hundreds of server errors a day, because I am bad at MySQL. I disabled dark mode "temporarily", but then moved on to other shit and forgot about it
* Last night I remembered that I left that hanging, and am trying another implementation. This will be based on your system settings, rather than a toggle on the site itself. I'll update this thread once I have this part implemented on the live site.

Okay! This has been implemented.

To get it to work, you need to have dark mode enabled on your system itself.

* Windows 10
* Android
* MacOS
* iOS
* Ubuntu

Great Joe:
Rad. Also can confirm you've avoided that one common Ubuntu error where dark mode would make text boxes illegible.

Puppy Time:
Hell fukken yeah

I've only tested it to a certain extent, so if you do run into visibility issues, post em here or email me.


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