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Email notifications working again/email notifications had stopped working again


Boots Raingear:
Several online tips had all suggested using the gmail smtp server to send out mail, which is convenient but apparently after 20 days it needs me to do a web login or it will refuse the SMTP connections.

Email notifications were down for a little under 24 hours. Until I cave and set up a goddamn SMTP server, I'll make a routine of logging into gmail through Lynx every 2 weeks and hopefully this won't be much of a problem in the future.

Boots Raingear:
Turns out I didn't actually fix the problem since it popped up again a day later.

On the plus side: I figured out my SMTP problem from earlier. My server host blocks port 25 outgoing for the first two weeks that a VPS is running, regardless of the fact that I've been a paying customer for more than 2 years now.

As of yesterday morning, mail is now sent properly from the server, this issue should really not be popping up any more.


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