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September 18, 2021, 05:04:13 am

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Topic: CTRL+V and post it  (Read 240951 times)

Emperor Jack Chick

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CTRL+V and post it #1185
The Bionic Commando series i always felt lacked the wife becoming an arm
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CTRL+V and post it #1186
my supervisor said yesterday that one of my chapters' digression about nick land is 'raising alarm bells' in the faculty and i 'need to tone it down' - weak!!

chai tea latte

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CTRL+V and post it #1187
“Other people are likely not to be aware that those who pursue philosophy aright study nothing but dying and being dead. Now if this is true, it would be absurd to be eager for nothing but this all their lives, and then to be troubled when that came for which they had all along been eagerly practicing.”

And Simmias laughed and said, “By Zeus, Socrates, I don't feel much like laughing just now, but you made me laugh. For I think the multitude, if they heard what you just said about the philosophers, would say you were quite right, and our people at home would agree entirely with you that philosophers desire death, and they would add that they know very well that the philosophers deserve it.”

“And they would be speaking the truth, Simmias, except in the matter of knowing very well. For they do not know in what way the real philosophers desire death, nor in what way they deserve death, nor what kind of a death it is."

Semantic Weeb

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CTRL+V and post it #1188
On January 1, 2020, Americans woke up to a new year, a new decade and a new Nutrition Facts label.
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CTRL+V and post it #1189
What I notice about people is they all look different.  A couple can have a dozen kids and the may have some similar traits but don't look exactly alike like animal species.  Unless of course they are twins or triplets etc.  Why is that?  Fun to watch people though.
Dragon Friend


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CTRL+V and post it #1190
renn faire

Salubrious Rex

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CTRL+V and post it #1191
In the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, some of the official screenshots used in the USA manual name the protagonist Langdon Alger, Lance Murdock, and many other characters from The Simpsons.
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CTRL+V and post it #1192
Dr. Peterson described hypergamy as a brilliant market-oriented solution to the problem of mate selection, further adding, that it "appears to have driven our evolutionary departure from chimpanzees".
chai tea latte

chai tea latte

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CTRL+V and post it #1193
the dooming sting of the slams that ruined so many
the chumps and the bustas hurled headlong into gloom
to sip bitter cola with the sluts and kinky-haired hoes,
dollar store shit, not even brand-name;
thus was the will of Zeus.
Begin with the wit of that lord--
the Ultimate Hustler
who descended like night upon the bright shores
of unfortunate Troy where the Achaeans all camped.
As the sun in his splendor, spangles his rays
upon the folds of the sea when the day is just dawning
so too was the light that came from the mouth
of that merciless pimp, for nigga he had
hella fine platinum up in his grill.
And seeing the masses of Grecians, a full generation
set for ten years in grim siege on the sand
the Hustler rattled his cane, a thunderous funk
and made known his will.

                                   "Well well well
guess now be a good time to buy stock in coconut oil and cock rings
since y’all look like you ready to storm Fire Island and start a pride parade.
First time I seen a fleet of ships using they momma’s dirty drawers as sails.
That ain’t no Mycenaean insignia, that just where she couldn’t reach around ta wipe.
An do I see Odysseus sticking gettin rutty with that handmaid? Ima call Ithaca,
tell em they all need to file a missin bustas report.”

All through the camp, men fell transfixed
laid out by the insults that poured like hard rain
upon the wearied and weak. It seemed as a plague
that ran through the ranks, a vast rippling breath
like when the wind, blown black in the dusk
touches the grain and withers the stalks
and the farmers they gather what once was fine crop
and set it to torch to weep at the flames.

Mighty Achilles, a lion in temper, stepped onto the shore
from his proud flanks there flashed fierce indignation
at the Ultimate Hustler, the man like dark wine all richly attired.
When kings go out hunting, they bring with them dogs,
tightly-haunched hounds with foam on their teeth.
The pack is arrayed, and now catches the scent
of a rabbit or stag and strains at the leash,
their limbs at the ready, their eyes full of death,
and finally their master loosens the rein
so was the wrath of Achilles that long had lain quiet,
now aimed at the Hustler and hot for its prey.

                                  “Whether you be
a dark Ethiopian far from your home or else
a sunburnt man from a sunburnt land, Achilles
cares not. You now forfeit your life.”

So said Achilles, and drew forth his spear, the heft on his shoulder
the point all of bronze and, taking his aim, hurled it full force
like a bolt from Olympus.
                But Mandingo was watching,
god of the Dozens, and turned it astray.

All there assembled, Achaean and Trojan, saw Achilles’ first failure
and soon wicked Rumor, with her venom and bile, started to whisper
that ain’t nobody choked that bad since yo momma
try deepthroating a Titan.
The Hustler boomed out his mirth.

                                 “Next time you wanna give me yo shaft, make believe I’m Patroclus’ stankhole
and there ain’t no way you missin. Oh I forgot, Hector currently using that bitch
as a hood ornament. Take him down to the kennels, he metamorphose
into kibbles and bits. That nigga, he dead.
And what up with that armor? Shit’s tacky. Bet that breastplate come with a horn
play “Lowrider” when you goosesteppin through the ranks.
Ain’t it bad enough you got grease face? Been, what, twenty years since yo momma
dip you in tha Styx, and the Hades EPA still tryin to clean the oil slick,
declaring it unfit for animal habitation.
My nigga Charon spark up a fatty, throw the match overboard,
shit goes up like Mt Etna.”

Just at that moment, the figure of Helen, awake in the city,
appeared on the walls. King Menelaos, the chariot driver,
gnashed all his teeth and raged at the day
she was promised as prize to craven Prince Paris
and doomed distant Troy.

She was spied by the Hustler.

                  “Shit, ain’t it the daughter of Leda and a swan.
Bitch squirt up a douche, get a bowful of duck soup.
That the face launched a thousand ships? They all musta
gone looking for that most mythical of treasures, cure for dick blisters.
Only time the topless towers of Ilium get burned is when they go take a leak,
get funky discharge look like something Cerberus leave on yo carpet.
Bitch been ploughed more times than the winedark sea. Yeah
I droppin some poetical shit here. Fuck ya if ya hatin.
Everyone heard Helen so tough and hangly down there, she legally obligated
to have the Arby’s logo tattooed on her snatch.
Priam still around? Get him out here.
That nigga so old, last time he manage to pop wood,
Pandora’s box just got some peach fuzz
and Priapus’ balls ain’t even drop yet.
This some brokedown city y’all got here. Couple thousand years, Heinreich Schliemann
dig this place up, wonder what the hell the luddy convention was doin in town.
All looking like somebody built a group home for Cyclops crackheads.”

His counsel at end, the Hustler arose and took to the air
in the form of a bird, feathers jet-black, leaving all stunned.
Sometime a hunter when the race has been run
surveys the beast his arrows brought low,
admires the flank and the struggling faint breaths,
and though its life is near gone strings one last shaft
to take cold delight in an unneeded wound.
So now the Hustler, in no haste to leave,
flung finally a barb down into the field.

                  “First I thought that wicker tinker toy was the Trojan Horse,
but now y’all inside it, I see it just a raggedy-assed fruit basket.
And yo toga look like a dishrag.”
Tearing her hair, Queen Hecuba led
her waxen-faced ladies in an ebon procession
to Athena’s white temple, hoping the goddess
would pity their plight, grant Troy gray-eyed mercy.
Greeks and Dardanians, all there assembled, hearing the wail
added their voices to the keening and crying
and it is said that even Olympus covered its face
for the great lamentation:
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CTRL+V and post it #1194
sweethouse kitten little horse baby girl... daddy just wants to know why you didnt put our sexy time special princess parts  toys away before posting that greasy webcam pic on SA wait okay shut up, okay shut up for a second. fuuck. turn on the news. jesus christ! they just flew a plane into one of the twin towers
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CTRL+V and post it #1195
The dragonflies added by this plugin are physical objects, not effects, and as such they have collision boxes. It is not recommended that you jump into a group of dragonflies, as you may find it hard to get out.
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CTRL+V and post it #1196
"Obviously it's fine that they are taking a summer off! I encourage it! But... and hear me out... I listen to A LOT. of podcasts. Like, a lot. Every other one that I listen to, whether it be seasons or breaks or what, announces a return date," they write. "Are they not doing that? Did I miss it?"
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CTRL+V and post it #1197
The anime started in spring 1982 and these guys started showing up after about six months. [...] [This guy] told me that he was the head of this fan club, which was made up of members between eighteen and thirty years of age. He told me that he was attracted to the character Minky Momo. He thought that she was cute. It is still hard for me to understand. [...] They said Minky Momo is cute. They said they wanted a little sister like her, or a girlfriend like her, or something. They said this stuff, but the character is a child. The things they imagined were beyond anything that we expected. We were simply making animation for three-to-five-year-old children, which was interesting enough that mothers could also enjoy it. And then we learned about this fan club and the guys there told me that Minky Momo is sexy.[62]
chai tea latte Salubrious Rex

Salubrious Rex

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CTRL+V and post it #1198
Wow 🦕🦖🦕Allow younger children to experience the infinite fun of dinosaurs.
Every child is a dinosaur fan, he really wanted a dinosaur toy.
Take me home 👉
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