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Making one of the sites responsive. Set your priority.

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Okay, so this weekend, I'm planning on doing some CSS work and trimming out a lot of fat that's existed for a while, and then in the process, turn the sites mobile friendly.

The question I pose to you is: Which site would you rather have phone friendly first? Eventually I'll get to both of them, this is just trying to figure out which one you'd rather be able to visit on your phone.

I browse more often but looks worse on my phone.  (Android, using Chrome.) I'd say first though just based on my usage.

That second vote for F Plus? Allll meeee.

You might not be getting a representative sample here, because the people voting here are all, by definition, forum members. I suspect that more people use the main site than use this forum because it costs ten bucks to register, so just asking us who are on the inside might give you a bit of the echo chamber effect.

Right, but that's weighted against the fact that I like people who pay $10 for forum access more.


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