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January 22, 2022, 06:09:29 pm

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Topic: Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead  (Read 714 times)

Shell Game

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Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead
Mix chai tea latte Salubrious Rex jim and the mammograms Ganymede

Great Joe

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Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead #1
Keep in mind, a common symptom of ketosis is brain fog.
jim and the mammograms Dr. Buttplug

Salubrious Rex

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Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead #2
RIP Lesbiathan, she died laughing.
Shell Game Great Joe Mix jim and the mammograms


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Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead #3
BIGMEANLADY is my new favorite username
Great Joe Shell Game

jim and the mammograms

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Episode 136 - Butter Off Dead #4
Thank you, Lesbiathan, for making me feel less bad about every time I listen to a diet episode and am cackling like a banshee while people read posts from redditors like "I'm bleeding from my anus and you can feel my heartbeat through the ground standing three feet away, and my skin has turned inside out so now I'm a horrifying mass of quivering flesh. However, I have lost 38 pounds in the last week. I don't need to see a doctor and should keep doing what I'm doing, right?"
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