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January 22, 2022, 06:12:51 pm

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Topic: Episode 142 - An Allergic Reaction is a Trip... Right?  (Read 438 times)

Shell Game

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  • Rex Morgan knows about Pretty Cure. Look it up.
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Dr. Buttplug

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"I popped Pink Floyd into my Disc Man" the morning glory seeds lady and me at 13.
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Secret Gaygent 69

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Just had some coffee while listening to this episode.
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Salubrious Rex

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They were just lucky it was fire ants they drank and not bees. Just look at this guy!
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A Meat

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Dex Drugtective is just Osmosis Jones
Salubrious Rex Dr. Buttplug

adrenochrome dome

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People who write trip reports are almost as terrible at telling stories as redditors. I think the drug people might be a little more on-topic.
jim and the mammograms Shell Game

Great Joe

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Have you ridden with the console cowboys in cyberspace?
adrenochrome dome Salubrious Rex RoeCocoa
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