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December 06, 2023, 04:36:27 am

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Topic: Irregular: Not Dead, Despite Appearances  (Read 7764 times)


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Irregular: Not Dead, Despite Appearances
So the question has been raised from time to time: Is Irregular over, or is it on hiatus? I wanna give an official answer here just in case it helps.

Irregular has neither ended nor is it in hiatus. It is still a podcast that could get a new episode at any time. That said, there very well may never be another episode of it.


In a nutshell, the labor of Irregular is in the casting. For an episode to work, we need a couple, hopefully varied, perspectives on a community by people who are active participants in that community. That could be subjects of any sort: Overzealous fans of one thing or another, people with an odd fetish, people who spend hours contributing to some odd web project or another, I think there's lots of groups of people1 who would be fun to listen to, and to get a hopefully more reasoned perspective than we do in our normal podcast. Frequently when subjects of the F Plus have found out about us, they've taken the experience pretty well, and that's great. If those people want to elaborate, that's a conversation we could have. I liked recording the episodes we did, I'd like to record more.

What I don't really wanna deal with is casting. If we're gonna learn and laugh, we need good humored people who can educate. And it can't just be you and your boyfriend because then the community just gets homogenized to what you and your boyfriend are into.

So it's a challenge, I think it's a challenge that's worth it, but I just have enough shit I have to do on a day to day basis that I'm not willing to spend hours finding the right people for one subject or another.  If someone else wants to take over that step  for an episode, we'll be able to get another Irregular out. Until then, it'll probably stay how it is.

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