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July 16, 2024, 02:44:55 pm

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Topic: Looking for a wikiHow illustrator or two.  (Read 7674 times)


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Looking for a wikiHow illustrator or two.
Okay, so I put out the word on Twitter the other day that I'm looking for a wikiHow illustrator, and I did find one who is super interested in doing an Irregular episode on the subject, so that's fantastic. Now I'm just hoping to get one or two more so we can record this thing.

If you wanna try getting the word out, please do. Any tips on what I could do to get in contact with some wikiHow illustrators, let me know.

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Looking for a wikiHow illustrator or two. #1
Threw up a post on tumblr, hopefully it'll find someone. I tried posting on their forum once but nothing came of it unfortunately.


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Looking for a wikiHow illustrator or two. #2
This is a reddit thread where a few people in the comments admit to being illustrators/writers for Wikihow. It's the best I can do rapidly at 1h am before going to sleep.

If that's not useful, then this link might help.


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Looking for a wikiHow illustrator or two. #3
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