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November 28, 2023, 11:13:02 am

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Topic: 337: Living In A Vacuum  (Read 10267 times)

Secret Gaygent 69

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337: Living In A Vacuum #30
I'm glad people liked this doc. This was probably one of the few communities that the F-plus has covered that just might be a positive influence.

I also have to recommend that people go into the doc and read the last thread in the Aeoliandave and the Twingle section. It's got a precognitive dream about vacuums and aeoliandave describing how the Twingle only comes to those who are "pure of heart and stalwart." It's a really insane thread.
Seth "Slimy" Rollins Puppy Time


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337: Living In A Vacuum #31
I haven't seen a fetish Thing this old-man-gay since the gay optometrist hypnotism
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337: Living In A Vacuum #32
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