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July 17, 2024, 08:24:25 am

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Topic: 386: No Gods, Yes Masters  (Read 21755 times)


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386: No Gods, Yes Masters #30
Listened to this one again and Sauce shouting cracked me up every time. I love that the super long post starts with extolling the virtues of short posts.

I'd like to think that anarcho-monarchism is where everyone is a monarch.
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386: No Gods, Yes Masters #31
I'd like to think that anarcho-monarchism is where everyone is a monarch.
vampiresoftware, August 16, 2023, 10:40:57 pm
This is definitely the part of the post I'm bulbing. I definitely wouldn't bulb that other bit, don't be silly.


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386: No Gods, Yes Masters #32
Monarchism is perfectly understandable if you're a catholic weirdo who believes that god is approving the monarch. Which is an absurd belief if you look at pretty much any historical monarch at all, or in fact question it in any way.
GirlKisser420, June 24, 2023, 12:33:44 am
I feel like this is one of the missing pieces of the puzzle, that lots of these people are deranged religious fanatics in some way. Like, deranged even by the standards of crazy reactionaries kind of deranged. I feel like that's one of the most probably explanations for why someone from Tulsa or wherever would be ride or die for the Hapsburgs in the Year of Our Lord 2023.  Some of them are also LARPers, like the reactionary equivalent of the internet Stalinists who go around dressed in Soviet military uniforms. Folks who, if their lives had gone differently, could have just joined the SCA or something but instead they're arguing about why we should try to reinstate Emperor Maximilien for reasons that do not make sense to a sane person.


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386: No Gods, Yes Masters #33
I wonder if there'll be enough material for a minisode after Charles dies.