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November 30, 2023, 07:13:55 am

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Topic: Episode 179 - Keep Jacking and No One Explodes  (Read 731 times)

Shell Game

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Episode 179 - Keep Jacking and No One Explodes

A Meat

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it's always interesting to me when a community brings together people who do something for disparate reasons, because as far as I can tell, all these guys are edging for extremely different reasons.

the dude building up his stamina through masturbating is clearly doing it out of some kind of belief it'll make him better at sex. there's your run of the mill tantric/taoist sex guys talking about the spiritual experience of retrograde ejaculation. the 50 year old guy and his wife are just engaging in some consensual light BDSM play. some of these guys are just really turned on by the idea of not being allowed to cum and there's some guys in there that are basically just describing the symptoms of clinical depression.

they're all almost having an orgasm, but their reasons are so varied that it feels like this community can't answer the needs of any of them


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one thing i found pretty trenchant about this ep was that there was a guy in there who was like "I only edge for 2-3 hours, 1-2 times a day"

my dude that is a VOCATION. that's a JOB.

the thought of jackin it for up to 6 hours a day makes my dick hurt and i don't even have one
Salubrious Rex


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Episode 179 - Keep Jacking and No One Explodes #3
are these people taking time off of work to crank their hog for 12 hours a day? how do you even keep that much focus for that long