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June 18, 2024, 11:40:23 am

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Topic: How does Dark Mode work on ballp.it?  (Read 3473 times)


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How does Dark Mode work on ballp.it?
I got a PM the other day reporting that dark mode was broken, and researching it, realized that along the way I implemented it two different ways, killed the first way, and never explained the system, so briefly, there's a preference that your browser can send the website, which is
(prefers-color-scheme: dark)

If your browser sends that signal, ballpit changes a number of things, like the background & foreground color, slightly different hues of greens and reds, etc etc - basically giving you a dark look. That is set on your browser, and not anywhere within the website.

At one point, I had website settings for changing this thing, then realizing that setting that in two different places seemed dumb, so I took out that function, but not the settings, so there was (until today) These "Color Theme" options you could set up in your forum profile that wouldn't actually do anything. I've removed those settings.

So if you do want to enable dark mode, that actually looks different depending on your browser & OS, but here's the best guide I could find on it. If you change this setting in your browser (and/or OS, depending), you'll get dark mode on ballp.it as well as probably a whole bunch of other websites you visit. So hey, that's there if you want it.

Also, while I was changing user settings around, I added a field for "Mastodon URL"  (accessible here). Also, it's there if you want it.

Also, gave it some thought and decided against removing Twitter URL as a profile setting. That'll continue to be there for those people who want that, but I am emphatically not willing to change it to say "X".
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