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June 13, 2024, 01:38:23 am

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Topic: 394: These Spells Don't Work  (Read 6415 times)


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394: These Spells Don't Work
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394: These Spells Don't Work #1
The gift that keeps on giving. The spells are funny, the forums are funny, and the arguments in the comments are funny.


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394: These Spells Don't Work #2
What Tadashi fails to recognize is that the spells have been sabotaged on purpose. You know how the writers of MacGuyver would change an ingredient every time MacGuyver made something explosive, so that kids couldn’t do it at home? That’s what real magickians do. To make the spells work, simply replace the code phrase “so mote it be” with the actual magick words, which are mekha lekha hi, mekha hiney ho.
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394: These Spells Don't Work #3
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394: These Spells Don't Work #4
I love how many of these spells claim to have really instant, specific, observable results and can be cast in 5 minutes with the things you have around the house.
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394: These Spells Don't Work #5
This is the most pointless trivia but the little fangs jutting out of the side of Boots' fursona's mouth are meant to be neon orange leopard seal teeth. So mote it be.
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394: These Spells Don't Work #6
Gotta love the Genshin Impact spell.
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394: These Spells Don't Work #7
Gotta love the Genshin Impact spell.
junior associate faguar, November 01, 2023, 03:49:41 am

I'm struck by how boring his design is.

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394: These Spells Don't Work #8
Coming here to also show my appreciation for the legend himself
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