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March 04, 2024, 07:58:04 pm

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Topic: I'll get the ball rolling with Neoseeker  (Read 10701 times)


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I'll get the ball rolling with Neoseeker
Link to the doc:


I really believe that this forum is just like the Escapist, but minus about 10 years' worth of maturity (and that's saying something). From what I gather, the site is supposed to be a repository of information for when you get stuck in a game, mainly things like walkthroughs and the such. If you've ever been to GameFaqs, this is a mirror of that.

Except...the level of writing ability on the forums is godawful. There's not knowing how English works, there's not quite grasping the complex grammar of English, and then there's just throwing letters together and praying that they form words. That last one is Neoseeker.

A taste:

hi i hav been playing dis game for last 3 months ....now i hav been stucked in a place...now i become a sand of wrieth and through the garden i came 2 central hall wer i hav seen down kaleena and a black girl talking ...now i hav 2 find a way 2 throne room how could i find it ... i hav searched lot of times der is no way for goin 2 throne room ...it is a long distance and so i couldnt jump sumone help me

gee golly gosh

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I'll get the ball rolling with Neoseeker #1
comment: Jan 2009.
re: Which square characters do you want in KH2?

I think that Vincent Valentine would be awesome in KH2.

reply: July 2010. July.
Maybe. Also you do know this thread is now out of date seeing as KH2 has already been released?

Why even bother?


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I'll get the ball rolling with Neoseeker #2
Now be honest, he sure would have had them there, if there had been anyone around to be had.


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I'll get the ball rolling with Neoseeker #3
I'll bet Jack Chick is a fan of Metal Sonic too.
gee golly gosh