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May 29, 2024, 01:04:24 am

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Topic: China SMACK!  (Read 16018 times)


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China SMACK!
Well shoot, my second submission was quite understandibly rejected. I was trying to echo what Portaxx said in the 100th episode with her brilliant content about the man whose wife kept on pretending to have been horribly murdered, translated from Japanese. That is that the internet is the same, all over the world. Fucked up.

Doc link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gsxboPU2J6ZVRu2ien_MKSooHaWH_lVcuJ79U9fDBwA/edit

Website link: http://www.chinasmack.com/

Thinking about it, I guess all of the content is in the comments, which are short, studded with Chinese abbreviations, slang, puns, political 'humour' and in-jokes which require you to be either Chinese or part of the China Smack community to 'get'. Also, the news articles on which they are commenting would need to be read (or at least explained) and they are mostly wierd and not particularly funny.

Another factor is that everything on the site has been translated from the original language, and so is influenced by the translators and their skill/motivations/political leanings etc. This includes me, as I had to translate a fair bit of stuff which the site did not (mostly usernames etc) which I may have made funnier than they should have been (Eg. 乌嘴宝宝毛毛 [Hairy-mouthed Ukrainian baby])

Still, I though I'd leave it here for posterity, and maybe as an example of how NOT to edit a doc for submission lol. There are sister sites based on the internet in Japan, Korea, India, Russia etc. Maybe someone with more skill (read: Montrith) might be able to mine out something more worthy of a good reading.