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October 01, 2023, 06:01:43 am

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Topic: Scare Pewdiepie: Accidental Genius  (Read 2170 times)


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Scare Pewdiepie: Accidental Genius
Okay, so I just finished rewatching Scare Pewdiepie, which was a youtube red series about Pewdiepie going through various different vaguely videogame-themed haunted houses for the entertainment of the viewer presumably. The entire show is obviously faked garbage which is pretty much just an excuse for a manchild to do vaguely entertaining things and hang out with his high profile gamer buddies but, unintentionally, it actually works really well (in a surreal kind of way) as a commentary on suspension of disbelief in reality shows. It's almost like Sex House, but if Sex House weren't made by the Onion and was following the premise of the show genuinely.

The thing about Scare Pewdiepie is that it's obviously fake to some degree, but it's difficult to distinguish what the show expects you to believe is fake and what the characters believe is real. For instance, from the very beginning of the show there's a B-plot about a crazed fangirl hitting on Pewdiepie and following him around to different places, stalking him. At the very end of the show, it's "revealed" that she's an actress. The reason "revealed" is in quotation marks is that it's so blatantly fake that even Pewdiepie's target demographic would know she was faking it. Speaking of Pewdiepie's target demographic, he sure swears a lot and make a lot of sex jokes in this show for children. I guess it doesn't really matter considering that after this season he would say something so unsavory it got the second season cancelled.

There are some parts that I don't even know whether they're fake or not to this day; while Pewdiepie is getting towards the finish of a Five Nights at Freddy's themed haunted house with fellow video game trash men Arin Hanson and Matpat, a fire alarm goes off and the producer starts directing people to get out of the building. On their way out they go past Arin Hanson, hung up in an animatronic suit with gory makeup on. Hanson then explains that they were going to do something with this but the fire alarm went off. They then pretend as if Hanson's fake noose he's hanging by is actually strangling him, and then "reveal" it to be a joke. The first time I watched the series through, I thought the noose-choking thing was improv-ed (it would have been a very simple thing to do), but I thought the fire alarm was real, even though realistically there would have been no reason they couldn't have re-shot this segment. This is what this show is good at: hitting you with so much weird fake shit at once that you don't even realize you're accepting some of it.

The greatest example is revealed in the last episode (no quotes around reveal for a reason) and I'm begging you not to look at the spoiler text if you have even a vague interest in watching this incredibly bizarre show. This one twist genuinely blew my mind. Throughout the entire series, Pewdiepie is followed around in a sort of sidekickish manner by the executive producer of the show, Kevin, and thed director. In the last episode, it's revealed that Kevin was actually an actor, even though the director wasn't. This hit me as a genuine surprise, if for no other reason than how truly bizarre it was. Why would you hire a pretend EP when you had the REAL director with you anyway? What difference does it make whether the EP is with you or not or whether he's a wacky goon or not? What was the thought process here?

The brilliance of Scare Pewdiepie is that, in depending on you to take so much of the show at face value, the fakeness of it all really makes you wonder what the point is. Is Pewdiepie supposed to be scared, or entertained? Is the audience supposed to be scared, or entertained? This is the only show I've seen fail so spectacularly that it misses its own point.

Aside from that it's got a lot of other bizarre and infuriating shit in it, like the part where Pewdiepie gets whipped by a dominatrix while dressed as an old lady, or the part where they put Pewdiepie in a shallow, coffin-sized indentation in the ground and fill it partway with nickelodeon slime. I really do recommend it, it can be found for free on the fairly but not ridiculously sketchy website, new123movies.to.