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September 27, 2022, 09:02:51 am

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Topic: Episode 166: Saturday Is Alright For Chickenfighting  (Read 16681 times)


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with Boots Raingear Bunnybread Jimmyfranks Adam Bozarth and Lemon
content for this episode was compiled by Dole
edited by Boots Raingear.
Everyone wants to have a lover they can trust. Someone with whom they'll feel admired, safe, and unique, and someone who will pick them up when they are down. However, some specific people on the internet mean that literally. We're exploring the "lift and carry" fetish, a predilection of (almost entirely) men who are looking for (almost entirely) petite women to carry them on their shoulders. What's the meaning of this? I dunno for certain, but I'll assume it's British. This week, The F Plus avoids mentioning that Creed song.

Jackie Wilson - Higher and Higher
Dr. Hook - Carry me Carrie
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(almost entirely) petite women

This is surprising, cause from what I knew about "lift and carry" it was a fetish facet (there's a portmanteau there) of a broader "muscular women" fetish.

Also I haven't even finished listening to Episode 165 I'm so EXCITED I'm gonna...

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Huh. This is... new. I really thought I knew about all the ridiculous fetishes at this point. I thought I'd seen it all. I genuinely didn't think there were any surprises left.


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I'm not even done laughing at [freakout] and there's another new episode already!

Mistress Eva

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Two episodes in two days?! Is it Christmas again already?

Thanks ya'll. New weird-ass fetish episodes are ALWAYS welcome.


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This episode has sure ruined the early 90's Ron Kenoly Christian album "Lift Him Up" for me. Thanks a bunch, fetishists!

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There seems to be no "How the hell did you get this fetish?" tag on the website for it, and it should be amended. With most fetishes featured on this podcast, you kind of see where they got started first. This one though? How did a particular way of transportation start arousing them? Are there skydiving fetishists?


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I'm barely a third of the way through, but I really hope we get to hear about the video producers like we did with the quicksand fetish. Borrowing Jon's outtro bit from the glasses episode, I never get tired of the porn-type descriptions of whatever mundane thing the fetishist is into.

Also yeah, this needs a "how in the hell did you get that fetish" tag.

Edit: Also, I can't read the title of this episode without "Today is Alright 4 2Nite" getting stuck in my head, which probably says more about me than the episode.
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phoneman is veteran of lift and carry related drama. According to him, the feud between guys who like women carrying men and guys who like women carrying women has been going on for over 15 years and has destroyed multiple lift and carry communities. There was another thread I found where someone posts one sentence expressing a preference for women lifting women and both phoneman and another moderator take the time to yell at him for trying to ruin the community. Later in that thread, someone posts a 2,500 word essay defending the forum's policies and the fetish in general followed by an attempt to calculate the number of muscle fibers a woman would need to have in her arms to lift an average sized man.

The guys at Ultimate Shoulder Rides really embrace the horse and jockey theme. There were a few threads where someone would directly say "I wish I were a horse." I'm kind of tempted to call them horse otherkin except that they actually do things related to their kintype rather than just posting on tumblr all day. They also suggested that if you want to find a woman to ride you, you should go to a stable or a horse riding club and proceed naturally from there.

I found a thread called "Fursuiting" on USR and I cannot tell you how disappointed I was to see that it had 0 replies and only contained a couple of boring pictures.

The thing that surprised me most, other than that this fetish exists in the first place, was the number of old people on USR. checkmateguy's post about the three shoulder riders is even creepier when you notice that he lists his age as 52. I saw at least 4 posters who are over 60 and an 81 year old man still looking for women to ride on his shoulders.
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I have to say that between this episode and the last one that its been a good two days since the weirdly harmless fetishes are probably some of my favorite episodes and paranormal anything is funny. [freakout]
Also I really think the bingo card needs a "of course it's from England"  square.


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Excuse me I have some BozarthBread fanfiction to write.

One Of The Crappy Pokemon That Nobody Likes

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Also now I'm trying to think back on what the endpoints of older episodes would have been if we went with the "go until we get to the best joke" format.


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I don't know where.
I don't know when.
But one of those days, I'm going to hear a fetish episode and get a little turned on and contract it.
Thankfully today is not that day, it was like one of those insane Stefon bits on SNL Weekend Update.


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The "I haven't had a piggyback ride" line is this fetish's equivalent of yawning and stretching your arm back across your date's shoulders.

Also there's something really, really unwholesome about trying to trick people into indulging your fetish. Other episodes have had content that hinted at that as well.

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Now I'm picturing a guy yawning and lifting his leg up into the air and putting it on a girl's shoulder
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