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October 02, 2022, 11:36:18 pm

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Topic: 345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy  (Read 12986 times)


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #30
the evil zoo is real, though, right, meat????


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #31
In some character profiles you’ll see in the trivia that they “share the same brain mixed” with other characters.

Looks like this is a fixation peculiar to IceCreamFanatic2001, they have a bunch of articles on other bizarrely niche fandom wikis, some of which include this phrase. I've seen this sort of fixation on very specific phrases a lot and I think it might be an obsessive-compulsive or autism spectrum disorder trait.

edit: Yep, confirmed asperger's diagnosis.
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #32
The creepy zoo sounds like it's full of Sonic OCs.


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #33
The creepy zoo sounds like it's full of Sonic OCs.
I thought this too, although the bit about some kid peeing on them to destroy them makes me wonder if they're supposed to be Five Nights at Freddy's-type animatronics? Then again, I suppose the distinction between FNAF OCs and scary Sonic OCs is mostly academic.
Zemyla lazzer grardaion?

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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #34
I think their were three kinds of discipline techniques exemplified and diliniated as such

  • Abusive punishments- punishments developed by bad parents, like the Creepy Zoo for example. It is clear it is not actually effective.
  • Effective punishments- Things like the Naughty Tuffet and it's many variations which sounds like it was from the show and would probably work in real life to some extent.
  • Ultra punishments- These were a few punishments where bad parents and ultracriminal children are sent to. You know the ones that sound like a cross between Superjail and Rugrats.
Also since it seems like everyone was too overwhelmed to make the joke;


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #35
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #36

This is one of my new favorite episodes.
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #37
This was just a tremendous episode to record and it's fair to say that a 44 page doc didn't even scrape the surface as we headed into the depths of the site pretty quickly and were still going strong even at the very end - stuff like the 20 Man Canoe Assassination literally came up as we were trying to find a good place to stop, and I feel confident that we could have kept going until sanity ran out. Just an incredible find and a pleasure to have been a part of.
Oh trust me, I've informed the crestfallen documenters that they have more than their fair share to grab at. For reasons that are totally selfish. This jealous crab has no shame.
Content acquired.
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #38

This is one of my new favorite episodes.

I kind of want stuffed animal versions of the whole Creepy Zoo tbh, you draw all of them so cute... such violent, evil little critters, and yet I want to hug all of them

Anyway sometimes when I see kids making up their own fan-characters for stuff, it makes me chuckle fondly and nostalgically, because I was a dweeb kid on the internet making up a million Sailor Scouts of my own just for funsies, and when I got older and saw kids making their Hunger Games and Steven Universe characters, I'd just be like "oh, kids having fun, ha ha," but I find myself absolutely baffled by this Supernanny fan-character universe... like, why Supernanny? At least with stuff like Sailor Moon or Steven Universe, there's a bigger story and a bigger universe out there, and lots of concepts that could be explored further without the main characters, but Supernanny, as far as I know, is just a British lady going "oh, Billy can't swear like that at church, he needs to go to time-out"! I keep trying to wrap my head around it and I fail to understand any of it!


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #39
The combination of well defined "punishments" and a formulaic episode layout makes it extremely easy both to invent new, cromulent episodes by rote and to project your frustrations with trying to internalize morality onto the characters in those episodes.

I would bet that the site has two main groups: the leftbrained wiki editors and the crazyname wackadoo people.


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #40
I AM pretty delighted by the whole concept of the Creepy Zoo, though, because I can just imagine some misbehaving Hot Topic goth teenager getting dumped off at the Creepy Zoo for like, spraying graffiti on the wall of the gym, and the goth kid just LOVES IT and learns absolutely nothing
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #41
Content acquired.

Hell. Yes. I don’t think I’m ever going to tire of the Supernanny Fanon wiki. I still find myself going back to look at random pages. 10 years’ worth of content and counting.


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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #42
the super nanny wiki is like if dozerfleet never had a shitty right wing reveal
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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #43
I looked around for a bit, and there is for some reason a German sniper from WWII that plays Smash Bros Brawl in the Supernanny Cinematic Universe: https://supernannyfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Dietrich_Fech

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345: Thisepisodeis Verycrazy #44
"I just killed soldiers, not Jews" is sending me