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September 27, 2022, 10:13:39 am

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Topic: 354: This One Is For My Gull Girls  (Read 12464 times)


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354: This One Is For My Gull Girls #60
Oh lord, I found the old con photo shoot with my steampunk in full swing. That turned out way more blurred than I remembered

EDIT that teacup is part of a set that's on a belt holder for it, holds saucer spoon and cup. Pretty neat honestly
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354: This One Is For My Gull Girls #61
Oh lord, I found the old con photo shoot with my steampunk in full swing.

Jesus Christ
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354: This One Is For My Gull Girls #62

You're welcome.
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354: This One Is For My Gull Girls #63
I just checked back in on the Aesthetics Wiki, and it looks like they've added some new articles!  Has the quality improved?  No, not really.

American Pioneers https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/American_Pioneers
"The Donner Party's choice to resort to cannibalism was previously seen as inevitable. In more recent times, it was discovered that the party refused the advice and assistance of local Native Americans, and their cannibalism was the result of poor decision making."

Ghostcore https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Ghostcore
"Ghostcore is an aesthetic revolving around ghosts, spirits, cemeteries, and the eerie feeling surrounding them. Ghostcore involves two different factions, one takes focuses on death and the philosophy behind the meaning of life and death, and the other faction takes the macabre and depressing and makes light of it. People may often relate to ghosts or wish to live as one."
    Feeling chilly
    Staying in one place for a long time
    Speaking in a quiet voice
    Being easily scared, but stays brave
    Being out at night
    Love receiving compliments
    Swaying back and forth
    Being gentle
    Being scared of the dark, or super comfy with it
    Shy but loves talking with close pals
    Feeling invisible
    Watching things
    Hiding and playing hide and seek
    Admiring your reflection

Gorpcore https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Gorpcore
"The term 'Gorp' was initially coined by 4Chan users in 2017 and was originally intended to be an acronym for 'Graduate Orthodontics Residents Program'. The term is now more commonly stated to be an acronym for 'Good old raisins and peanuts', a reference to the food item trail mix that is popular with hikers and those who engage in outdoors exercise. GORP also widely refers to "Gary Oldman Rise (of the) Planet (of the Apes)", in relation to the actor's award winning performance in the 2011 film, though Oldman is more commonly associated with garycore"

"Gorpcore first gained public recognition when the actor and Texan Matthew McConnaughey was purportedly filmed in a viral TikTok looking at a Patagonia fleece and saying "Now this is Gorp!". The clip was deleted rapidly after it had been posted, and cannot be found anywhere online."

Heistcore https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Heistcore
"Theft is illegal, but there are many useful and interesting skills that thieves have which ordinary people can do for fun."
    Attending art auctions
    Coin collecting
    Learning self-defense
    Lock picking on vintage locks from antique shops
    Playing poker
    Visiting museums
"There are also some activities that feel like theft or even heists because society has conditioned us to behave in certain ways."
    Asking for a raise
    Donating to RIP Medical Debt - you’ll feel like Robin Hood, "robbing from the rich and giving to those in need"
    Searching for Unclaimed Money/Property/Inheritance
    Taking free samples

Pigeoncore https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Pigeoncore
"Pigeoncore is an aesthetic surrounding the theme or hoarding and nature but includes that of birds (most notably, pigeons). Themed around softer aspects of hoarding, collecting, cooking, and other goblincore essentials, focuses on the softer curiosity rather than the goblin-ey nature. Can be considered a combination of goblincore, cottagecore, and bird-based aesthetics."
"A large aspect of Pigeoncore is reclaiming the once-prominent love of pigeons."

"Hate of pigeons didn’t start until the 20th Century. Before that was about 9,900 years of loving them."

Unicorncore even got a new page!  https://aesthetics.fandom.com/wiki/Unicorncore
...which has been revised over 100 times, because unicorn aesthetics are just that controversial
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354: This One Is For My Gull Girls #64
In case no one has actually heard Algal the Bard's cover of Toxicity