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September 27, 2022, 10:13:00 am

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Topic: 372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians  (Read 1289 times)


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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians
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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians #1
I am very thankful that there are still some conspiracy people on the internet whose solutions to the problems of the world are making magic rocks and not terrorism.
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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians #2
Y'all forgot the most important part of Orgone bunk, NSFW you charge your orgone lumps by jerking off. Orgone is like a bastardization of orgasm.

So every time he is talking about charging crystals, he's jerkin it. Why is he buying a bucket of gravel from Lowes? To jizz on. Charging a big rock in a field? He jizzed on it. Communing with the Comittee? Probably jerking off while visualizing an inverted pyramid.
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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians #3
Loohan's colleagues / followers are even MORE nuts than he is. A guy made an orgonite device that plugged directly into a wall socket and somehow didn't blow himself up.

The second document delved into it more, but I can understand the impetus to cut out the transphobic psychosis. The content across both documents is about 1/18th to 1/20th of the content he has spawned, and I cannot say if my sanity would survive the task of compiling more of this shit.

(Also Lemon, you linked the second, cut document instead of the first doc that made it into the episode - just thought I'd let you know)


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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians #4
It is like they are playing the worlds dumbest version of Niantec's Ingress or Pokemon Go with forks


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372: Loohan vs The Lizartarians #5
I feel like Loohan and the guy from chemtrailsaredemonic.org should team up and write   the ultimate guide to defeating evil with silly rituals
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