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September 27, 2022, 08:35:07 am

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Topic: 373: Private Lessons in the Cultivation of SEX FORCE  (Read 1086 times)


  • Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?
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Boots Raingear Mix

I Liked That Joke

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  • Boy oh boy, there's a lot of good jokes out there!
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Zero cum game. Zero cum game!
chai tea latte Immoral Filth Sauce


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  • The world literally becomes the vagina.
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Mercury and arsenic often find their way into vaccines so I’m sure you’ve beat me to it. And no u can’t ingest just any metal because also aluminum and soft metals like asphalt and concrete are horrible for the body. (Which for some reason we use all the time)

All crystals are not equal obviously why there’s a huge database of literally thousands of different crystals and our bones are dense crystals but over a period of time depending where they are they can turn into crystal however all crystals are not bones but all bones are crystals.

My brain is melting out of my ears. Is my brain a soft metal? Is it a liquid crystal? I don’t know. I’m in so much pain.
xdaringdamselx RoeCocoa chai tea latte


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Have these men never heard of retrograde ejaculation?


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  • Is not a paths duck
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"When you reserve all your prana you turn into a Muppet" yeah you become Pepe the Prana
xdaringdamselx jim and the mammograms


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Have these men never heard of retrograde ejaculation?

I think thats why you need to tie a little noose around your penis when you go to sleep.
Lemon Boots Raingear oscaruglyface Philosothelia


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I appreciate Boots's Shriekback reference in this episode!
Boots Raingear

Great Joe

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  • Myahhh!
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Leaky guy is gonna stay in my brain, what an absolute horror show
Dr. Buttplug Philosothelia

A Meat

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I really like the one guy who was convinced not sucking his friends off was the thing hurting his gains as opposed to anything else happening in the world at the moment.
Immoral Filth Philosothelia


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GirlKisser420 Immoral Filth