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November 17, 2017, 08:37:41 pm

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Nov 18 02:26am
daily reminder that the soylent guy tried to kill his gut flora because he was upset that there were bacteria in his body

2 Dawnswalker
Nov 18 01:27am
Special Friday Before Black Friday Update

3) There may still be unprepared pouches of Soylent 1.? at my brother's apartment, waiting to be sold to Redditors for potentially hundreds of dollars, if I want nerd blood on my hands.

My brother was unable to find the pouches, so I assumed that he'd just thrown them away and forgotten about it. A few days ago, I reminded him of how many hundredths of a bitcoin we could have had if he hadn't flushed that white, salty, pancake-batter-y gold down the toilet, and his girlfriend told us that she was the one who threw them out because:

"It made my dad sick and the website says it's illegal in Canada now."

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recently informed us that our products do not meet a select few of the CFIA requirements for a “meal replacement.” Although we feel strongly that these requirements do not reflect the current understanding of human nutritional needs, we respect the CFIA’s regulations and will fully comply with any regulatory action they deem appropriate. Unfortunately, this means we are unable to ship any additional product to our Canadian warehouses or sell Soylent to our Canadian customers until this is resolved.

I want to reiterate that we are absolutely committed to working with Health Canada and the CFIA to resolve this as quickly as possible, but we don’t have enough information at this time to share any timing. In order to keep all of you fully up to speed on our progress, we will be sending out regular updates. In the meantime, we have posted a detailed FAQ to share all the information we have at our disposal. We sincerely apologize for this product disruption, and we hope to be back selling in our favorite country to the North soon.

So as you can see, because of her prudish and judgmental nature, I will never be rich! Why is life so unfair?!


Soylent is committed to providing positive nutrition in the United States and around the world. In 2016, we donated over one million meals to those in need. We continue to donate to partner organizations like the World Food Program's Innovation Accelerator and food banks across the country. And we work with physicians as we develop new products to increase access to complete nutrition.

3 FinchChunk
Nov 17 01:15pm
Is that based on the Chinese dating show? That's semi big over here (Aus) though I've not seen a lot of it myself.

4 bubbleuj
Nov 17 07:59am
There is this trashy MTV reality show called "Are You The One". Its amazing.

Not because of the drama (which is awesome) but the premise of the show is just facinating.

5 bubbleuj
Nov 17 07:22am
Thanks Chai for the great advice! I've got a few days to work up the courage to tell him off straight.

You could get a spray bottle. And spray him every time he crossed your boundaries.

"No Steve."

Also on a more serious note, standing up for yourself feels great. You'll feel good. Make sure not to apologize for being bothered by him! You can do it :)

6 bubbleuj
Nov 17 07:18am
I've slowly started realizing that my dreams being as a rule so realistic that I wake up and forget they weren't what happened might be a result of my brain trying to prank me.
I have the same thing!! Most of my dreams are just me walking around with a friend. Sometimes I'll even browse the Internet for a bit and do some chores.

It can take me a full hour on a slow day to "remember" what was and wasn't a dream.

7 Nemisissy
Nov 16 08:03pm
When I was 14 (and edgelord supreme) I went to a friend's house for a Halo LAN party. I attempted to make my username Nemesis, but added an extra i. Nemesisi. It stuck and I just extended it into something that is obviously not a typo.

8 Nemisissy
Nov 16 08:00pm
A good friend who is a regular visitor of Something Awful.

9 FinchChunk
Nov 16 08:05am
I hit a random worked generator until I had something I liked the sound of.

10 I Liked That Joke
Nov 16 04:26am

Jimmyfranks (post #25)

Every day, in every way, I appreciate Jimmyfranks more and more.
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