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February 01, 2023, 01:20:46 pm

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Feb 1 02:56pm
I think we all need to thank Jack Chick for setting the release deadline for this episode (1:12:30ish), and great job Heelies for meeting that deadline with a day to spare and proving Boots wrong!
Feb 1 06:07am

Feb 1 05:56am
was gonna ask what makes these ones that much worse than the other F Plus episodes but im guessing its actually the songs
Feb 1 05:55am
This episode honestly might be my favorite. Its inspired me to keep checking the /r/Retconned subreddit and find more insane shit. I dunno something about these people losing their grips on whats real or blaming simple mental ticks on alternate realities is incredible to me

Jan 31 06:08pm
These 14 episodes will no longer be available on Spotify.

They are still in the RSS feed, and available from all other podcatchers.
Jan 31 09:32am
We all know manly men HATE brushing their teeth because the white foaming toothpaste makes it look like they've been SUCKING DICK

So now we're introducing CRUDEPASTE the only toothpaste that makes it look like you've been drinking CRUDE OIL ALL DAY and containing REAL CRUDE OIL.

Roll coal and drink crude like a real rude dude!
Jan 31 04:18am
Is there a third episode that should get the oh hi anne rice tag? I feel like there's one I'm missing.
Jan 31 04:17am
Jan 31 12:23am

Which appears to be from this book of disturbing fruit imagery.
Dr. Buttplug, January 30, 2023, 09:45:21 am

This looks like Soupe Opera in book form. If you've never heard of Soupe Opera, enjoy these stop-motion animations of adorable fruit imagery.
Jan 30 03:45pm

The image Shell attempts to describe at the end.

Which appears to be from this book of disturbing fruit imagery. Presumably theres a page where grapes and raspberries copulate.
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