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December 05, 2023, 04:16:54 pm

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Dec 5 11:00am
it's fucked up how many RPGs have gold as the main or only currency when in history it rarely was the main currency of trade, especially in smaller denominations. not to mention things being neatly decimalized most of the time as well, it's never insane shit like there being 12 pence per shilling and 20 shillings per pound
Dec 4 01:53pm
feel free to visit my new classy erotica website, good old dames dot com

e: upon further research, the domain "www.god.com" has proven surprisingly difficult to secure. i'll keep you all updated
Dec 4 03:18am
Bend me like Beckham
Dec 3 03:58pm
Wake up Woody 2022

Wake up Woody 2023


What have you done? HE WAKES!
Dec 2 02:05pm
poly people really will be like "if you wanna be my friend, you gotta get with my lovers"
Dec 2 12:20pm

Advertisements have been getting very interesting on Elon Musk's Twitter...
Sherlockian, May 04, 2023, 10:55:58 pm

I just relistened to this episode and was wondering that scam was still around, and now I know.
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