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December 02, 2023, 05:43:00 am

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Oct 30 04:31am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1475)

Oct 30 02:42am
The gift that keeps on giving. The spells are funny, the forums are funny, and the arguments in the comments are funny.
Oct 30 01:31am
Pretty happy with my pumpkin this year.

Oct 29 11:35pm
On the one hand, it's deeply disappointing to go and look up fanart of something I liked and discover it's all porn, but on the other hand, wasn't 11:28pm moo so lucky to have however briefly lived in a world where it wasn't just feet and inflation all the way down.
Oct 29 10:57pm

Stumbled upon this Beholder jack-o-lantern someone made. Pretty cute! More pics here.
Oct 29 06:06pm

385: Pee Fans (post #8)

Shouldn't this episode have the "piss" tag?
Recon Rabbit, October 23, 2023, 08:18:31 pm

Does now!
Oct 29 06:02pm
Oct 29 02:28am
Scavenger's Reign (Max, 2023) - really enjoying this so far. Airs weekly on thursdays. A sci-fi modern cartoon about the surviving passengers of a crash-landed ship on a strange alien planet. A studio ghibli style emphasis on the strange rhythms and movements of the animal world, paired with a Cronenberg style body-horror-guts-and-viscera approach to those aforementioned strange life-cycles. The animation is wonderful and the images are astonishing and beautiful and horrifying. Ghibli by way of Junji Ito. LOTS of guts and viscera. Robots. Viscera. A tentative 4 stars while the rest of the season comes out.

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake: goddamn. this rules, man. The Better Call Saul to Adventure Time's Breaking Bad. 4.5 stars. Watch the entire season in one night, i think it's probably better that way.
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