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February 01, 2023, 12:45:05 am

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Topic: Episode 212: History of the Dozerfleet Part 2  (Read 32996 times)


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What I really encourage if you want to kill your productivity for the day and also lose the will to live is to go on the Dozerfleet wiki, click the random page link and see how long it takes to find an article that's not a stub.

Reader, it look me a long fucking time.

That's also a mind-numbing and depressing way to create a doc if we're looking for a Dozerfleet part three too.

I Liked That Joke

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I think an interesting section of a part 3 would be the collaborators. He seems to have paid a couple of models and deviant artists, and he goes on these weird little spiels about their careers as if they even remember working with him.
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One area I definitely feel like I missed when I was putting this doc together was Dozerfleet's recipes, mostly because he seems to post those on tumblr rather than the actual wiki- Jack Chick already made some of that weird-ass food on here, but I think that's something that could definitely be covered on the podcast as well!

I'd be glad to start finding some more stuff if there's interest in a new Dozerfleet doc- maybe we could set up a collaborative google doc if a few people are interested?
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Sorry to bump the thread of a 7 year old episode but

Trapezoid Kids real

Thank you

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Sorry to bump the thread of a 7 year old episode but

Trapezoid Kids real

Thank you
Napoleon, January 04, 2023, 12:47:57 pm
but do they sing the computer data module song or whatever it was, and dance vaudeville style, this is the most important part