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May 09, 2021, 03:42:09 am

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Topic: A confederate flag is on The F Plus site and Lemon belittled me for showing him  (Read 460 times)

Bort Bortles

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So just in case this thread is deleted or I'm banned, the long and short of it can be found on a Twitter thread I've made  in the link here: https://twitter.com/bort_bortles/status/1385780189666308099?s=20  I found a confederate flag while browsing the website, I tweet openly about it and tag Lemon and The F Plus, Lemon belittles me and tone polices me for my justified anger.  Lemon and The F Plus have banned me on Twitter.   I'm calling for an open apology from The F Plus not to me personally but to POC listeners and fans like myself for putting a white supremacist symbol on their site and having the gall to belittle someone for being justifiably angry at it.

On Friday while browsing The F Plus Site, I ran into a 404 error and what popped up in the corner was a cartoon image of host John Toast in a cowboy outfit wearing a Confederate flag.  Upset and justifiably so, I tweeted a screenshot and tagged Lemon, The F Plus, and various hosts to get their attention on how they have a white supremacist symbol on their site.  I was met with a response from Lemon in which he belittled, browbeat, and tone policed me.  "I'm perfectly fine with having a conversation about this, but you're gonna need to adjust your tone significantly." was the response Lemon gave me upon seeing a confederate flag on his site.

I'm a first generation citizen.  Both of my parents emigrated from Mexico and it's only wiithin the  past few years trhat they've become naturalized citizens.  As a Mexican-American, I'm painfully aware the level of hate this country has towards non-whtie persons like myself.   From the mass instances of police vioilence against brown people to how ICE is rounding up migrant adults and children in concentration camps on the border, I know for a fact that my life is worth less than others based on the color of my skin.  I've been fortunate enough to where no racially motivated violence hasn't been visited upon my family or myself.  That doesn't change the fact that symbols like the confederate flag, the swastika, the blue lives matter flag, and various MAGA and Trump flags are banners carried by people who want to hurt me and others who look like me.  This shouldn't be lost on a podcast like The F Plus and it's hosts, who for over ten years have touched white supremacy and fascism multiple times.  There is no excuse at all for keeping this image on their site. 

Lemon himself is based in Minneapolis.  Other hosts such as Jack Chick and Nutshell, are based in the Pacific Northwest.  This podcast has toured in those areas.  Racially motivated and targeted violence by white people against POC is endemic in these areas.  Lemon himself was there when the George Floyd protests erupted in his city. There is absolutely no excuse at all for anyone involved in this website to let a white supremacist symbol  remain on this site.  Not then when the podcast first started and especially not right now.  For Lemon to tell me to watch my tone was callous and racist as fuck.  How dare he tell me to watch my tone upon seeing a white supremacist image.  And how dare the other hosts tacitly endorse him by either liking his post or posting along with his sentiments.  There is no equivocation or watching of tone.  There should only be apologies and recognition of what was done wrong. 

The vast majority of F Plus hosts and contributors are white.  I've had misgivings about this podcast coming from a majority white perspective and this is a good reason why.  In their privileged and fragile sense of entitlement, Lemon and the rest of the hosts turn out to be no better than any other racist who'd defend the stars and bars or other hate symbols as being "heritage not hate."  And by blocking me this site and its host are all complicit in this cowardice, of rather blocking me off and not admitting that they've done wrong and doubled down on it.  I demand that The F Plus apologizes to its fans, especially POC fans who might feel triggered by seeing a symbol like this.  Silence is complicity and bad faith contributes to hate. 
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Boots Raingear

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This deserves to be addressed: After this was brought to our attention, we deleted the image and redid the 404 page. You were correct; the confederate flag is a hate symbol, and the image should not have been on our website. It was part of a joke that didn’t work, and aged poorly. There was this concept of “alternative universe” readers, one of whom was a Southern American Toast, wearing a cowboy hat and a confederate vest. That’s not great, and it doesn’t justify that the use of a symbol that was and has been used in support of slavery and white supremacy. Two things that are morally reprehensible. It shouldn’t have been on the site, and we apologize to our listeners for having put it there.
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