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353: Boobs In Raingear

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I'd like to commend you on the excellent song choices, and Lemon's excellent Australian accent.

"Wait, diapers in the intro? ... of course there are diapers. There are always goddamn diapers."

Two minutes in and this is already special

I'd like to commend you on the excellent song choices [...]
ChrisGainesFan, May 01, 2021, 03:32:07 pm
--- End quote ---

Thank you! I spent too long trying to decide which Sleaford Mods was the most Sleaford.

It was when I made it to the word "mackintoshes" in the description that I knew this was going to be another selection of Great Britain's Greatest Perverts.

("This also needs the "Great Britain's Greatest Perverts" tag added!)

Edit to add:
My mackintosh is melting in the dark
All the gross white jism flowing down
Someone left my cock out in the rain
I don't think that I can thank it
'Cause I tried so hard to wank it
And I'll never have that orgasm again
Oh, no!


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