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March 29, 2023, 08:41:11 pm

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Topic: F Plus Quotes Thread  (Read 421270 times)

Adam Bozarth

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1275
"I was in an abstinence-only kink education district."
xdaringdamselx RoeCocoa Shell Game


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1276
Extra Credit, but

"Okay, who the fuck was making kitten waffles!?"
Shell Game thelizzerd Dr. Buttplug


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1277
John Toast: She said "Bagging Titties".
Kumquatxop: She just walked up and said it.
Dr. Buttplug Salubrious Rex


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1278
"The plot of Gone Girl but with a less competent Girl?"

A Meat

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1279
sometimes I just think about the intern's slime box idea from the aesthetics wiki episode
thelizzerd Salubrious Rex Vinny Possum Antivehicular SHAMBA~1.SBB Boots Raingear Moose


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F Plus Quotes Thread #1280
I'm the  Tommy Tallarico of porn games!
Salubrious Rex SHAMBA~1.SBB Hambone

Salubrious Rex

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1281
"I want you to Elmer Fudd this fucker!"
Dr. Buttplug