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February 27, 2024, 02:20:56 am

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Topic: Anyone wanna playtest my new game?  (Read 7376 times)


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Anyone wanna playtest my new game?
So I've hinted at it on twitter a couple times, but I've created a new game. It's a jackbox-style multiplayer game, except played entirely in the browser, without a host client.

I've worked really hard at it the last month or so, and personally I think it's fun, but I'd like it to get a little more playtesting before making the URL public.


If you're interested, and you can get a group together, please let me know, either a PM here or email, and I'll send you the URL.

Couple things to know...

  • The game works for 2+ players, but ideally, I think a game has 4-8 players.
  • Each player should have their own device. Preferrably a computer. Mobile support is only partial right now.
  • I want feedback

That's kind of it, you can play with whoever you like, groups on Discord or whatever is best for you, I'd just like you to tell me afterwards how the game went and if you personally have any notes.
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