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Topic: Maradonia, the land of wonder and whatnot  (Read 22580 times)


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Maradonia, the land of wonder and whatnot
It's the best young adult saga ever written. At least, if you ask the author. Here's some Maradonia for you.



The Maradonia Saga begins with two teenaged siblings, Maya and Joey, who find a mysterious place in a forbidden area, which opens a portal into the Land of Maradonia. Their arrival in Maradonia fulfills a prophesy and launches two ordinary kids into an extraordinary adventure of epic proportions. Their simple life changes completely, and the fate of an entire empire falls into their hands.

Maradonia is a Technicolor, vibrant land filled with danger and surprises around every corner.

Readers can journey with Maya and Joey as they encounter strange new creatures that help them try to conquer the Seven Bridges of tests and temptations, all of which are necessary if they are to defeat King Apollyon and 2the Empire of Evil. Can Maya and Joey take up the mantle of prophesy and is the Escape from the Underworld possible?

Along the way, mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, crime and conspiracy battle with the power of faith, knowledge and wisdom to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The Maradonia Saga is a classic tale of good versus evil with a contemporary twist and will thrill readers of all ages.

Gloria Tesch is the author of the Maradonia Saga. Gloria began writing her first book at the ripe age of ten and celebrated her thirteenth birthday with the publication of two novels,"Maradonia and the Seven Bridges" and "Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld." This sweeping epic journey into a fantastical world of magic and power, earned Gloria the distinction of being the world's youngest or one of the youngest published novelists. With fourteen years of age, Gloria published two more novels, "Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir" and "Maradonia and the Dragon Riders". With 15 years she presented her fifth novel: "Maradonia and the Law of Blood" and her sixth novel: "Maradonia and the Battle for the Key" as well as two Movie Screen Plays.

Gloria Tesch was born on April 17, 1994 in San Diego, CA. She is a natural storyteller who crafts her tales, characters and settings with talent.

Everything Gloria writes, glows with imagination and many who read her books believe that Gloria's imagination is never ending.

One of Gloria's friends wrote, "Gloria's novels captivated me from the first page and did not let go until the last. Gloria is so talented that the reader believes everything is possible in the Land of Maradonia. I wonder what kind of literature this 15 year old author will produce in the coming years."

Gloria: "I don't know what the coming years will bring, but I work every day...every weekend... very, very hard, often late in the night... creating characters and writing stories."
With such a young age, Gloria is able to straddle between the world of surreal adventure and the world of page-turning mainstream adventure and connects the ordinary, natural world with the supernatural world with unexpected twists and absolutely surprising results. Gloria is currently writing her next Trilogy of three novels: "Maradonia and the Lost Secret of Kra" as well as "Maradonia and the Unleashed Beast" and "Maradonia and the Curse of Abbadon." She said, "I have a pretty clear concept for at least ten more books of the Maradonia Saga."

The critics rave!

I enjoyed Gloria's book immensely. It was easy to read in its entirety over the weekend. With so many thoughts and images bombarding us, it was refreshing to read something sanitized with virtue and honor and the of doing good for the many. I was impressed that such a young writer was able to capture the vision and emotion contained in the story and that as an adult, I could feel and see the meaning of the words on each page. The fantasy and magic in the story were alive and entertaining. I would not hesitate to read it to a child without censure and would think it entertaining for anyone young at heart, tired of negative themes thrust upon us daily. I think we will be hearing for years to come from Miss Gloria Tesch, who is a sweet, unasuming, innocent young lady whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the signing of her first book in Books a Million in Palm Harbor Florida.

This book was badly written, clichéd, and a lot of words are put in that cannot be what the writer was thinking of. However, as a silver lining, it is very inspiring for those who wish to get their own works published.

Oh, look. There's a movie coming out!

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Does she have rich parents? As I recall, the only reason Christopher Paolini got his Eragon books published were because his parents were loaded.


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Concept art of King Apollyon:

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I think she has rich parents, but not rich enough to get anything more than a small vanity press print of her book made.

Choice bits courtesy of other people

Maya grabbed Alana’s long dark hair and pushed her down. Maya had never told anybody before in the school that she was a ‘Black Belt’, one of the highest ranked belts in Karate

The guard said, “These doves are crazy! They behaved strange, absolutely strange! Three of them attacked me at the same time when I was standing at the bell captains desk, close to the poolside, holding the new guest lists in my hand. I was just greeting one of our distinguished guests, when these birds flew straight through the open doors from the pool area. One of them snatched the guest list out of my hands and the two others pulled me by my hair…and I don’t have too much hair. Anyway, I followed them to the pool because I needed the paper, when I saw you drifting under water. That’s when I jumped and dragged you out of the pool. [snip] I tell you the truth, these birds have saved your life!

It seems to me as if you are very special to them and I have the feeling that they are trying to deliver some kind of message.

‘F L O P’ … Maya fell down to the ground right on her face.
“Listen Oraculus, my name is Maya and I am fifteen years old and this is my brother Joey. He is fourteen years old and his is a fashion freak if you understand what that means. [snip] I am only a teenager. I don’t have a boyfriend and when I went once to the movie theater and was holding hands with a very nice boy from the neighborhood and Joey told my parents about it, you should have seen my father. He got so angry that he forbid me to set my foot into any movie theater alone and made his final decision that our family will not install the ‘internet’ in our house, if you understand what I mean. We have only local television in our home and I am dreaming about my own cell phone. Everybody in my class has one, except me. I feel that I am cut off from the real world. I am alone! I have nobody! I am sitting here in this dirty swamp and listen to a grasshopper

Oh look. The Maradonia movie needs your money.


Purpose of the Film

- To enlighten children as well as young adults (8-18) to the supernatural and spiritual realities of today’s world, but the timeless theme of the Maradonia Saga and the battle between, ‘Good versus Evil’ will appeal to any age group and through this the lesson: Ordinary people can do the extraordinary! 

Partner with us!

    Since the producers of the Maradonia Movie ask their  friends and the public at this time  for twenty thousand dollars to keep the production running, we are fully aware that we need more funding in the future to complete the first feature film of the Maradonia Saga ‘Maradonia and the Seven Bridges’. We produced the first 30 minutes of this 90 minute movie with an experienced film team and used the footage to create a 12 minute trailer which – of course – can only show a little part of this marvelous story. We try to finish this adventure movie in the next six to eight month. However, if you like the concept of the Maradonia Saga with over 2400 pages of brimming adventure and hopefully five more feature movies in the future and you would like to partner with us – maybe financially, maybe with connections and advise or just telling us that you will support us - please sent an Email or just call us. (See Contact)

The lead actors.

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Concept art of King Apollyon:

Dacey Mormont, May 30, 2013, 03:19:25 am

You beat me to it.


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Does she have rich parents? As I recall, the only reason Christopher Paolini got his Eragon books published were because his parents were loaded.
Isfahan, May 30, 2013, 12:22:12 am

His parents were PUBLISHERS, IIRC.

This is great reading, but I'm kind of glad it didn't make it.  I've never had to tap out of an ep before, but the teenager-flashbacks here would do it.  Some of the fanfiction eps are bad enough.


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This abysmal drama farm, eh?
Required watching


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Maradonia, the land of wonder and whatnot #8
Yeah, someone uploaded a promotional cut of the movie to Youtube. It's utterly insane.
And here's a sporking of the novels. Is sporking a word? I don't think it's a word. He reads it and mocks it along the way is what I'm saying.
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Maradonia, the land of wonder and whatnot #9
that link is a great link to click if you have not yet done so.

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