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You Can Make A Comic

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Please read this SIGGRAPH presentation from 1996 on the proper way to create comics:

Microsoft Comic Chat is the IRC client with which Jerkcity was made, but it also has an offline mode. It's arcane to use and I won't explain it to you, you must earn this. Do you want to make a comic with it?

Rule #1: Don't be unfunny.
Rule #2: Don't rip off Jerkcity.
Rule #3: It's easy and fun, especially if you're making a thread at 4:20am on a Friday.

Watch me go.



Seth "Slimy" Rollins:
i know i'm not doing this right

Tip of the Day: Ctrl+Q will allow you to choose a new comic character and therefore insert it in the comic. An empty Enter keypress will insert them in the panel without any dialogue. If you change the panel layout, it will mess up the characters, like the following strip, but you have to roll with it because it's all about the flow of this unique sequential form of visual storytelling as discussed in Scott McCloud's masterpiece on the matter



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