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May 20, 2024, 11:38:55 am

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May 20 09:26am

CTRL+V and post it (post #1556)

I’ve seen a lot of reports of Hanukkah events being cancelled in the wake of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, so I thought I’d host my own “hanukkiah” on this blog (using gifs borrowed from Tenor). I’m not Jewish myself, but some of my friends and many of my idols are, so I wanted to show some solidarity with the diaspora… and while I’m at it, I’ll also put in a plug for Sandra Bernhard‘s song “Miracle of Lights”, which encourages listeners to foster peace and empathy.
May 19 12:35pm
Looks like meat is back off the menu, boys!
May 19 11:05am
self care is finally using the stickers you've been hoarding for literal years
May 19 08:42am

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #1298)

It's intro, it's intro time.


-i forgot the episode
May 19 01:21am
It's been a really, REALLY long time since one of these episodes upset me, but it looks like it's time to reset the clock on that one, boys!
May 18 06:50pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #1556)

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music characterizes ska as being "one of the more crowded genres in the Christian market" by the turn of the millennium.
May 18 05:34am
Out of everything mentioned on this episode Onimai is probably the worst thing because it sparked a bunch of stupid discourse about whether it was trans positive or not when the main character's main motivation is to turn back into a boy because the female orgasm will kill him
Recon Rabbit, May 16, 2024, 11:39:46 am
I really really really really really hate trans anime DiscourseTM
May 17 05:23pm
They should make a hitman game where you play as Mr. Bean
May 17 03:58pm
nebulae are terminally underappreciated imo. like there's clouds of dust where stars are born out there spanning light years, given awestruck monikers like "the pillars of creation" and "the cosmic cliffs" by scientists who spent unfathomable amounts of money building telescopes and flinging them at lagrange points just so we could see them better. and there are photos of them you can just go look at.
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