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Emperor Jack Chick:

* Do not post personal information of yourself that you are not 100% confident you want the entire internet having.
* Do not post personal information of other users ever. Even if they are on the phone with you telling you to post it.
* Do not make posts in which the only purpose is to attack another user.
* Do not derail posts for the explicit purposes of attacking other users.
* Do not post inline pornographic/explicit content, nobody wants to be surprised with that. If you do post pornographic/explicit content, use the nsfw tag.
* User information acquired by this site will always be kept private, unless you do something so terrible that the authorities need to get involved.
* The internet is not real life.
* Do not take this place too seriously.
* Do not take the internet too seriously.

Emperor Jack Chick:
I am happy to answer any questions you may have on the above.

By the way, the above is now shown to all people on signup. Open up an incognito window with this link.

Emperor Jack Chick:
with regards to some recent drama that i was made aware of:



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