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May 24, 2022, 11:03:38 pm

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Topic: F Plus Quotes Thread  (Read 368392 times)

chai tea latte

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1245
BUNNYBREAD: I mean, I already came, I might as well type out my thoughts.
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F Plus Quotes Thread #1246
Slash it the fuck up bb! aka yes

Doctor Interrogative

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1247
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Shell Game

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  • Rex Morgan knows about Pretty Cure. Look it up.
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F Plus Quotes Thread #1248

this broke the formatting on my phone and it felt important to point that out. it's perfect
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F Plus Quotes Thread #1249
"Please welcome to the stage... Legs Buttocks!"

Doctor Interrogative

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F Plus Quotes Thread #1250
(In response to Boots asking how many characters are in the 2012 Lorax movie)
Zarla: The answer to your question is one. There is one character.
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