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July 01, 2022, 08:42:03 pm

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Topic: 253: Heal Yourself With Crystals  (Read 14194 times)


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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #45
Searching "gem water" on YouTube is a thing worth doing.


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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #46
My roommate and I are trying to get through this pseudoscientific book about "Earthing", the practice of walking barefoot outside to connect to the soil and cure cancer (among other things) and it's FILLED with half-facts about electricity and shit. It's nuts.

Oh man I ran across Earthing on the web once when i was trying to find ways to help with jetlag. Some site was like 'walk around barefoot for half an hour to realign yourself with the earth's electric field and you won't have any jetlag!'


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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #47
Oh, so that's what that guy on the plane at the beginning of Die Hard was talking about.
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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #48
Our friends at Energy Muse show up in this article about the problem of sourcing gems in the "healing crystal" industry. Spoiler alert: they don't really talk about where they get their gems from, and many of the types of gems that they use could come from troubled sources like the Democratic Republic of Congo or Myanmar.
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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #49
I saw this while I was out buying ingredients for peppercorn sauce and immediately heard the sound of Nutshell Gulag screaming.

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253: Heal Yourself With Crystals #50
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