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June 10, 2023, 12:15:38 pm

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Topic: Episode 161 - Strangoria Things  (Read 569 times)

Shell Game

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  • Rex Morgan knows about Pretty Cure. Look it up.
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Episode 161 - Strangoria Things
Secret Gaygent 69 Mix


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Episode 161 - Strangoria Things #1
(Only sees discord link) alright! Finally I can know the fplus extra credit secrets!!!

Aww, it's an image

Aww again, it's the problematic supernatural folk

adrenochrome dome

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Episode 161 - Strangoria Things #2
Extremely satisfying to have the deer head/antler thing brought up. Like, just make up a your own monster like that. A cannibalistic ghoul is creepy enough on its own. (On top of the cultural appropriation element.)