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August 15, 2022, 07:10:55 pm

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Topic: Episode 141: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Scrote  (Read 14613 times)


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Come to think of it, these people are probably doing more permanent damage to their genitals than the ballbusting crew...

"I got this great new PE technique! Okay, you need a PVC pipe and a car battery..."


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I started making a jelqing doc ages ago, but couldn't get more than a few pages into a  LPSG thread before I gave up. Congrats to Runic for going far further than I dared. Guess that means I can delete it off my iPod notes (not that anyone who looked at it would know what the fuck it was, since they picked a name that sounds like either a comic book villain or an '80s throwback aerobic craze)


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As great as this has all been I can't help but feel I've forgotten something. Oh! I remember!

There we go!
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Episode 141: We're Gonna Need A Bigger Scrote #33
I realise I'm necro posting but I reaaaally wonder what most people in the PE community will have to say about this.


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