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May 14, 2021, 11:11:03 am

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Topic: Episode 132: Skyrim Has Crashed (User Decency Error)  (Read 16380 times)


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^ the 'realism' argument drives me up the wall. Sims mod/feature requests are heinous for just this reason. I have seen way too many requests for teen pregnancy to be added to the game.
eudo, April 22, 2014, 03:54:33 am

I actually considered making a Sims 2 mod doc a while back, if only to highlight the unbelievably complicated and fucking MASSIVE teen pregnancy mod that actually exists, but it all wound up being more tedious than funny.

There's an obvious "just like the game" joke here, but I can't find a non-stupid way to phrase it.


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You should still post a link to the mod here!

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I've recently finished playing through the main campaign+DLC of Skyrim again recently, and I wanted to see if it would somehow give me some sort of greater insight into what the people in this episode were thinking.

Apparently I was super wrong. Now that I've listened to the episode again and I'm even more disgusted by what they're suggesting, because I remember what the fuck they're talking about now.

So who's working on the doc for an episode about all the horrifying Fallout: New Vegas mods?


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Well, I'm just guessing here, but it's probably big dicks and big titties in a post-apocalyptic setting rather than a fantasy setting.

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And their filthy, irradiated feet.


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And their filthy, irradiated feet.
Adam Bozarth, December 05, 2014, 10:21:44 pm


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As long as the fabled "Radscorpions with cool sunglasses" mod remains only a dream, it's obvious no good fallout mod has ever been made.

(except for one that I heard of ages ago that added greenery and trees to the wastelands, since nature has shown to be pretty adaptive to radiation poisoning. I think there was actually a study done that showed that flora and fauna adapted better to radiation damage than to the invasive behaviors of human habitation, unsettlingly enough.)


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Lemon chai tea latte Shell Game


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DISCLAIMER!!! Because people can't read, don't want to read, or can't care to read, This is being added before the fancy description-

This mod is ONLY for Male characters!!

There will not be a female compatible version, I will not allow female conversions and I will block anyone who whines about it. There's enough to fill a HD or so of Female only clothing, armor, skin textures, Accessories, hairstyles, etc... One or two Male only items showing up on the nexus  Will. Not. Kill. You. The mod's not broken cause Tiddies aren't front and center by default. If you are pressed about it, please die mad about it somewhere else. It is not sexism to not make one mod available to females... Get over it.

Part 2: If your masculinity is threatened by sexy men, I'm (Not) sorry. If you're bothered by men being sexualized in the same manner as women, please find soemwhere else to cry about it. Thank uwuTactical Tiddy Harness for Fallout 4
Shell Game Puppy Time auaurorau

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thefpl.us and ballp.it both went down while I was listening to this episode and I refuse to believe it was a coincidence.