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June 22, 2021, 08:23:16 am

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Jun 19 09:04pm
If I remember correctly that Dragon Code stuff came up in an Extra Credit episode and at least part of it is about having shorthand code for letting people know if your dragon fursona is bigger than the Sun or not.
Jun 19 05:58pm
thinking about how holdover hippie types in the late 20th century would probably be saying things like "Google dammit!" as some ironic statement of corporate hegemony
Jun 19 05:46pm
used to be that viruses stole your data, now it's just apps and websites. how technology grows
Jun 19 05:12pm

CTRL+V and post it (post #1168)

I don't see a lot of trans jokes by cis people that actually get a laugh out of me, but "I don't think this is a standard transition procedure, but I'm gonna cut the neck in half" was delightful. He turned out so cute, I love how mischievous he looks!
Jun 19 03:07pm
Ashoka, emperor of India around 250 BC had at least one edict in Greek and Aramaic in addition to all the ones people know of in Prakrit (in Brahmi script)
Jun 19 01:48pm
There are physical mechanisms built on rivers that count the total number of fish that pass through that river.
Jun 19 01:25pm
HTTP was a mistake
Jun 18 05:45pm
Seeing this pop up made my day and it's still morning.

oh! here's this also https://web.archive.org/web/20070808222339/http://www.dragoncode.org/ you may have to fiddle with dates if you click the links inside, but this is a place to find dragon code info


here's a doc i made awhile ago for an old recording that's MOST of the info on the website
Jun 18 05:19pm
Jun 18 04:22pm
Dial O for Tuna
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