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June 14, 2021, 06:00:55 am

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Topic: Comparatively Famous  (Read 240 times)


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Comparatively Famous
I just realized I forgot to post about this on ballp.it

During and after the as-yet-unreleased Sylphiste episode, those of us in the recording were screwing around on Cameo, daring each other to guess the prices on various people.

That was fun enough, so I turned it into a game.

As of this posting, there are 190 cameos to sort and valuate, and 35 voices to wish Pasha's daughter a happy birthday.

I've also set up Issue Templates for suggestions, ideas, and bugs. If you've got any.

Anyway, I think this one turned out well.

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Comparatively Famous #1
I´ve been playing this with some friends it´s great and infuriating when I fuck up because some d-lister thinks they should be paid  $500 for a birthday message.
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