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July 23, 2018, 12:41:29 am

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1 jack chick
Jul 23 05:09am
oh yeah i was at a wedding with an open bar yesterday. no internet, so was unable to keep you all updated on the continual stream of alcohol i put into my body.

2 LancashireMcGee
Jul 23 03:04am
I still want to hear STOG's Game Pitch Corner.

3 AgentCoop
Jul 23 12:06am
Saw Sorry To Bother You, check it out!!!!

4 AgentCoop
Jul 22 04:22pm
ok. today is my birthday. the secret is out. do what you will.
I will wish you a "Happy Birthday"

5 Shell Game
Jul 22 04:21pm
ok. today is my birthday. the secret is out. do what you will.

6 AgentCoop
Jul 22 06:36am
Jackie Chan disowned his son because of his weed smoking, which is a great illustration of different cultural mores in China vis a vis the West, but also it's a great setup for a kung fu stoner comedy
Fuck, thats good

7 Vinny Possum
Jul 22 05:14am
Actually it's not a ballgag it's an isohedron-gag.

And I just got a critical hit.

8 Mique
Jul 22 05:08am
"You're gonna be farting cum for a week after this."

9 Mique
Jul 22 04:58am
The fact that I don't know the alcohol content of this mead means I can assume the best and drink as much as I want.

10 Sanguinary Self-Help Novel
Jul 22 03:46am
I have made some very, very piss poor financial decisions tonight and I just don't care anymore
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