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April 22, 2018, 12:04:05 am

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1 Sham bam bamina!
Apr 22 01:46am

2 Liatai
Apr 22 01:38am
If Lemon needs yet another site idea, a Victor Magic 8 Ball with some of the prerecorded lines from this marathon might be fun. X3

3 Sanguinary Novel?
Apr 22 01:36am
Why did I watch Canada's Worst Handyman? Why I'm I watching the next season?

4 Mique
Apr 21 10:35pm

F Plus Quotes Thread (post #904)

Bunnybread: "How do ya'll feel about yo' asses?"
Lemon: "Protective... and afraid."

5 Wrought
Apr 21 07:13pm
Oh wow, Ambious, you've forgotten about a lot of stuff since you watched this last, huh? Fun show for sure though, just a few things-
-The Jack the Ripper thing isn't a red herring, Jack the Ripper shows up later as a minor villain
-Dio and Jojo "become friends" because Dio starts being nice to Jojo to manipulate his dad into thinking they're all buddy buddy so Dio can do whatever he wants
-A lot of the pacing problems of the early episodes of Phantom Blood is just due to how much shorter Phantom Blood is in comparison to the other parts. It's like how SDC got two parts due to how long it was. The rest of them are due to the show trying to be as faithful to the manga as possible.
-Dio is only pretending to be drunk in order to blend in in the shitty part of town so he can stalk Jojo
-The big body small head thing is because Araki was hugely inspired by FotNS. Jonathan is basically just Kenshiro but nice.

I look forward to the future episodes! Part 1 is a slow start if you're watching the anime, but you guys got through the early part pretty quick!

6 Wrought
Apr 21 06:24pm

Jojo is the only anime/manga I'm super into (and I mean so into I had a text doc with some ideas for fan stands for a while until I lost it) so I'm def listening to this

7 Ambious
Apr 21 05:08pm
Amelia Blank (of Extra Credit frame) and I (of being kinkshamed by Lemon fame) started a new podcast about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where the kick is that Amelia has never watched it before, and I have but never watched any other anime before.
It's called "JoJo A-Go-Go" and is available here, on Google Play or on iTunes.
Check it out!

8 krytton
Apr 21 02:50pm
it has always been called the baby boss. it always will be called the baby boss. there is nothing you can say to change my mind.

9 Yavuz Sultan Selim
Apr 21 02:43pm
Hello, if you would like to hear some folks from around here doing tabletop RPGs, here you go. These games are all run by the Lesbiathan, and you can find them here. Each session is about two hours long.

Tell No Tales
Game: Eclipse Phase 2E Playtest
  • Jack Caiman (Frank West): A biology professor currently occupying a novacrab morph.
  • Dagfinn Yamaguchi (The Heavenator): A Quebecois mob enforcer in a squid morph.
  • Brightwing (me): An uplifted raven who wants to be a noir detective.
  • Billy "Gex" Gospeler (dijon du jour): An activist who believes that drugs deserve to be free.
The Story So Far: We are a Firewall team sent to hypercorp-dominated Mars to investigate information/tech broker Marzuq Abdul Wadud al-Bahth's suspicious death. Also, crab battle.

Super Charge Me
Game: Unknown Armies 3E
  • Rep. Brobert Malley (STOG): A centrist politician and avatar of the Demagogue. Wants to bring tech jobs to El Paso.
  • Raven Heartstone (me): Gourmeturge (food mage), restaurant owner, Wiccan. Wishes she'd been a hippie.
  • Chuck Greene (Frank West): A ludomancer (video game mage) and video game player. Basically Frank West playing himself.
  • JP Lapierre (Viscardus): An avatar of the Fool and classic triple-threat (singer, dancer, actor). Currently playing the vampire detective Louis XVII in an HBO drama.
  • Dr. Sam Johnson (The Heavenator): A dictomancer (word mage) and terrible professor. Believes that the mayor of Las Vegas is secretly the Zodiac Killer.
The Story So Far: We are the Small Business Council, a group of occult weirdos who are investigating the Fast Food Cabal, a different group of occult weirdos. The Fast Food Cabal seem to be trying to create a magickal nuke for some reason.

Bill in Three Persons
Game: Unknown Armies 3E
  • Henry Shortshiv (Nuffkins): An avatar of the Gambler and electrician.
  • Anise Alluria (Shell Game): An Instagram model and avatar of the Star.
  • Alex "The Ax" Jackson (Goop): An irascimancer (anger mage) and internet troll.
  • My Dude (dijon du jour): An avatar of the Tamer and IRL Pokemon Trainer. Accompanied by his trusty Shiba Inu, whose name is Growlithe.
The Story: A one-shot set in the same universe as Super Charge Me, this game features time-and-space shenangians as four random occult weirdos come together to help Bill Toge, who has somehow gotten into a three-car pileup with himself.

10 Wrought
Apr 21 02:35pm
I can't even say I have a definitive moment, but Bozarth's role in the TVtropes nightmare fuel hour starring as "man who is very afraid of everything" was incredible
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